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Jul 7, 2007 10:47 AM

Best sweet potato fries in TO, particularly uptown...

Need sweet potato fries close to home... today (today would be nice - I have a yummy leftover Freshwood Grill pulled pork wrap from last night that's begging for some hot, fresh yam fries for lunch today), tomorrow, any time... Looking for the best sweet potato fries in TO. Any place is fine, but if anyone has any suggestions uptown, that would be great - something close to home (Yonge Lawrence/Eglinton zone). Love Freshwood and Rushton, JK Wine Bar are good. Any other suggestions? Doesn't have to be fancy - low key preferred. Thanks.

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  1. Hope Street Cafe on Lonsdale in FH Village.

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    1. re: elasticwaistband

      The ones at the House on Parliament pub are pretty nice.

    2. I really like the ones at mill st brew pub in the distillery, really long thin and crispy! And even better is at ten feet tall on the danforth, mainly because of the wide range of dipping sauces you can choose from.

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      1. re: hungryabbey

        I also love the ones at ten feet tall, thin crispy and not blackened at all. And also love the dips, specifically the spicy ones: jalapeno and jerk - but people tell me they like the mild ones too.

        1. re: julesrules

          And with miso gravy. It is to swoon.

      2. Fresh-Juice for Life...really good, not greasy, lots of chunky sea salt...delicious

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          Fresh @ Queen/Crawford....yummy in the tummy

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            I 2nd that, but haven't been there in a while. The food was going slightly down hill the last couple of times I was there, but the fries with the miso gravy. Mmmm : )

            P.S. The one at Bathurst/Boor

          2. Marvelous Edibles on Laird make some pretty decent sweet potato fries with a really good garlicy aoli.


            1. Mezzetta, on St. clair (between Bathurst and dufferin) has great sweet potato fries, and since it's a tapas/mezes type menu, I think it's only $3.50 for an order.

              I ate at Moxie's the other day, and they were profiling a sweet potatoe fry appetizer, with 2 different mayo dips - I didn't have it, but was wondering if anyone has tried it there?