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Jul 7, 2007 10:30 AM

manhattan beach ice cream

i drive north sepulveda in manhattan beach every day to work, and have noticed a retail space next to the firestone tire being renovated over the past couple months. some days before the store opened, i figured out by reading the sign that the space was to be occupied by a company called glacier ice cream. it seemed like something interesting to try, so just last night i checked it out. i was thoroughly pleased with the place, even though i'm not much of a dessert connoissuer. the girl at the counter let me sample many of their flavors, and after about ten taste tests, i decided on a scoop of apricot gelato and a scoop of chocolate sorbet. the apricot was extremely fresh and crisp tasting and had a very even flavor throughout. the crunchiness and richness of the chocolate sorbet worked very well with the apricot, acting as a sort of crust for the creamy apricot filling.

glacier has a rather young, fun, and laidback atmosphere, as would be expected of most ice cream places, but i think glacier is also very serious about their ice cream. i appreciate that it's made in house every day, and they use very fresh fruit. also, it seems as if they spend as much time and effort on their gelato as they do their ice cream as they do their sorbet. anyhow, if you're ever in manhattan beach and are wanting some ice cream, i would say this is the place to go. ciao.

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  1. Glad to hear that they've finally opened up. I visited their location in Las Vegas a couple of times and they won me over. The nicely flavored Pistachio had a few too many nuts for my liking, but the coconut-fudge mounds-bar-type selection was superb.

    I agree that this is serious ice cream. Be sure to taste the key lime if they have it!

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    1. re: jackattack

      mmm I had the key lime gelato the first visit and it was so good
      The peach ice cream I had with it-could not help myself, was the best commercial I've had ever (I think).
      Too scared to go back!

      1. re: Densible

        I went there the other day as well and had the gelato.. I am not a big gelato fan and shoud of had their varhonna (sp) sorbet I had tasted. I will be back. Cool guy there gave me a sample of thier ice tea kind of cinimmon in flavor nice touch. Hope they make it.. just a bad location to be in. Not much foot traffic..

    2. Glad to see something good went into that spot.

      It has been a lot of different businesses over the past few years.