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Jul 7, 2007 09:20 AM

Breakfast Recs. in Victoria

I've found lots of good recommendations here for dinner spots but I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions for good breakfasts. Would prefer places in the downtown core.

Please note I'm not interested in brunch places. Thanks!

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  1. ambrose:

    If you utilize the "search this board" function above you should find several breakfast related threads from the relatively recent past.

    I am not a breakfast eater so cannot be of much assistance other than to suggest Mo:Le and Willie's Bakery and espresso at Il Paradiso.

    1. north of victoria is sydney. try the 3rd street cafe at beacon street and 3rd. good eats!!

      1. There's a casual and very popular breakfast joint called the Blue Fox Cafe which is located at 919 Fort Street in downtown Victoria. Friends of mine that lived in Victoria took me there and it didn't disappoint. Can't seem to find a website, but the menu ranges from omelets, to bacon/eggs, to French toast, etc.

        1. Hi, Ambrose. Here are my tips (from a resident!) Mo:Le at 544 Pandora St. has received rave reviews for breakfast but get there early to avoid lineups. Besides the Blue Fox on Fort St., there is also Avalon a bit further up on Fort, which has excellent Eggs Benny (fab hollandaise). Lady Marmalade on Johnson St just above Government has some of the best fruit crepes I've ever tasted, and a funky casual atmosphere. Enjoy!


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            Andavies, your message was posted on the day I left Victoria. HOWEVER, I can tell you that your recommendations are spot on. Several people I spoke to suggested the same places you did, along with a number of others. One I tried was Cafe Mulatta, a quiet little place in James Bay at the corner of Michigan and Menzies. It's outside the tourist jungle so there's no wait. Food and service were excellent. One of the regulars there said it is fairly new, having replaced a similar establishment in that same location.

          2. I add my cheer for the Blue Fox! We loved it - the food was delicious and it was a comfy atmosphere, We were there on a Sat morning so we had to wait a bit (30 minutes?) to get a table...