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Jul 7, 2007 09:03 AM

Looking for Great Indian Food Manhattan

Looking for Great Indian Food Manhattan. Upper east side 67th and 1st, but great food is the real objective. In the city today.

Somebody had told me about an Indian restaurant on E 85th that was supposed to be good but lost the name.

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  1. depends what kind of indian food, but i really like the following:
    - saravannas (like 26th or 27th and lex) - great south indian restaurant, reminds me of a tamil place i used to go to when i lived in singapore; great dosas, thali plates, iddly etc
    - dimple (30th bet 5th and bway) - great chaat; i like the dahi puri, but any of the chaats are generally good; food in general is fairly decent, but the chaat is why i go

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      so funny; I just rec'd those two exact places to someone, and found this post while trying to get the exact address for dimple. it just moved, or changed location, correct? and the saravanaas you mean the one that is more south, on the east side of lex correct? since there is a bhavan saravanas a block north, also on the corner but on the west side of lex, which I don't like.

    2. Are you sure is was East 85th and not East 58th? There are a few of places on East 58th (Chola, Dawat).

      As far as "best" in Manhattan, I've hear many conversations as to whether Tabla or Devi is the best. Keep in mind they are very different styles of cooking.

      1. Chola, 58th between 2nd and 3rd. It doesn't focus on a single region in India but rather combines elements from cuisines from all over India.

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          i also agree with chola, that place is pretty good

        2. Saravanaas - best South Indian
          Devi - Best upscale Indian (I haven't tried Tamarind)
          Chola - Best lunch buffet
          Minar - best dirt cheap Punjabi/North Indian

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