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Jul 7, 2007 08:49 AM

Buzz restaurant / chef Boston

My chef boyfriend and I are going to Boston in September... We like all sorts of foods, but he cooks high end bistro. When we travel, we usually try to find a restaurant and chef that are getting a lot of attention. Not because the restaurant is trendy, but because the chef is innovative and the food is just plain amazing. We will have at least one lunch and one dinner.. The lunch could be casual, quintessential Boston. Dinner we are willing to spend a little more on... $150 - $200. Of course, if there is a fabulous restaurant that is less expensive we are open to that as well!!

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  1. The chef I've been dying to try in Boston is Ken Orringer. I think he's up to 3 restaurants in the Boston area and if you google him, he comes up immdediately. Everything I've read makes him sound very inventive. One restaurant is Clio, one Toro and one is near Fenway. Definitely try them for me, I haven't gotten to Boston but have been dying to for these restaurants.

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      I was going to suggest Orringer's KO Prime for dinner and Neptune Oyster or B&G Oyster for lunch.

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        i would NOT recommend KO Prime- cannot speak for the rest of oringers places, but did not find KO to be amazing or innovative at all. i second b & g

    2. Some more obvious places to consider: O Ya (might stretch the $150-$200 per person budget, but rarefied contemporary Japanese for the area), Salts (modern French/American, elegant technique), Domani (fusiony Italian from a Philippino chef).