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Jul 7, 2007 08:34 AM

Sit-down lunch in Calgary, NE or SE?

Being a long-time lurker of this excellent website (actually almost every day!), I've taken the plunge to ask this question that I've been unable to narrow down with the search function. I'm going strawberry picking out near Strathmore with two friends and then we'll have a sit-down lunch in (or near) Calgary.

We'll be coming back into the city via the Trans Canada which opens up a whole realm of possibilities outside our normal experience (we all live in the Crowfoot area). We're adventurous and prefer quality over quantity; made-from-scratch and /or local ingredients when possible and small portions of meat. I would choose Anpurna but it's closed temporarily. Thank you for any suggestions offered, just don't want to go into downtown or far SE or far SW.

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  1. Grand Central for dim sum upstairs at 16th and Centre North? It's a bit of a zoo on the weekend and very casual. If you go early or late your wait will be shorter.

    Japanese across the street (I'm legendary at mixing up Japanese syllables so forgive me here) Shijiki or something like that. Also casual.

    I tend to think Asian when someone says small portions of meat.

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      Shikiji (you were close!) is my favorite noodle shop in Calgary. It has excellent Udon, and decent Sushi too.

      Other options - duck down Edmonton Trail to Bridgeland to Tazza (it's closed Sunday's though), and order yourself a shwarma platter, or falafel platter to share, and get some salad and baklava on the side.They're huge, tasty,and fresh handmade items.

    2. Jenny's Restaurant and Lounge (727 - 33 Street NE) serves up some lovely Italian. Hand made pastas and home made sauces. It's in a rather strange location - in a strip mall behind the old Ikea site (kind of).

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        Thank you. I didn't mention that this will be a weekday, so dim sum unfortunately is out. Shikiji, Jenny's and Tazza all sound like good choices for us.

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          Just an FYI, Dim Sum is on at Central Grand 7 days a week for lunch.

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            Wow, that's great news Yen. That may well go to the top of our list!

      2. Just to give you another choice, if you are by Central Grand and Shikiji, you may also consider Tropika (Malaysian), which is almost right beside Shikiji to the south. Their eggplant is the best in town! Also suggest their roti canai (Malay Bread) and peppered hot pot clams - and I'm partial to their nasi goreng. It is also open 7 days a week for lunch.

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        1. re: ybnormal

          Thank you ybnormal. I'll run your suggestion up the flagpole as well.

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            UGGGG, I tried Tropika, after hearing rave reviews. The place smelled like wet dog.. and dishes tasted like wet dog... group of 4 dinning, not an item we ate... Drinks were fruitty and fun, we have a few of those then headed off for dinner!

            1. re: CookieGal

              Sorry for your bad experience... I've taken many a person there and they have all enjoyed it. However, I'm probably just reacting to your "wet dog" statement, which intrigues me, if you care to elaborate on it...

          2. Close to Anpurna, is Atlas pizza if you want a killer slice of pie, and classic steak house dishes, with good ultra whitey thick garlic toast, and pretty good french onion soup.

            My favorite restaurant on the east end of town, is Sandro's Pizza in the SE off Edmonton Trail (Very North) It's the best darn Italian in the city IMHO!