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Jul 7, 2007 08:02 AM

What food is good at the Phillies game?

We're planning on a Phillies game in a couple of weeks. Our seats are club level. Can anyone make reccomendations on what is good there?

We were there last year and I don't remember what I had, only that it was terrible. A real waste of money, I ended up eating my daughter's french fries and I don't want to do that again!


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  1. None! It is the worst park I've been to for food. Aramark controls the whole park, and there are only generic stands with different names but serving all the sam s#$*t. There is bull's BBQ and that actually isn't bad at all. The pork sando from there is pretty good. I'd say that is definately the best eats in the park. It's just a shame there isn't much else. When I go though, that is what I always get. They have big old smoked turkey legs too.

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      There's a place in left field that serves this awesome sandwhich called the Shmitter. Can someone say the name of the place? Its a satelite of some place in Chestnut Hill. Its so loaded with meat and bad things for you. Maybe not what your daughter has in mind.

      You could always eat light at the game and hit Tony Luke's afterward.

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        second the Schmitter. Mmmm...every time i go i get one.

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          McNally's in Chestnut Hill. The Schmitter is better in the bar than the ballpark, but the ballpark version ain't bad. Make a trip to the bar sometime. Friendly little place with good bar eats. They do a killer thanksgiving sandwich and have amazing chocolate cake. And there is the Schmitter of course.

          And mlkroffal....have you been to other ballparks? CBP is certainly not the worst park for food. In fact I think it is one of the best (and I've been to a few). Their beer selection is the best in the majors, McNally's for a Schmitter, Tony Luke's for a passable cheesesteak and a pretty good roast pork italian, water ice, pizza, hot dogs......most other parks don't offer half the selection at half the quality that CBP offers. And don't give me sushi in San Francisco and Seattle as an arguement.....who the heck eats sushi at a ballgame? Not baseball food.

          Bull's BBQ which you laud I have found to be mostly disgusting.....the WORST pulled pork sandwich I've ever had.

          1. re: G Goo

            And also, don't advise for that horrific Shmitter thing to a nice woman and her children. That thing is straight up gross.

            1. re: mlpkroffal

              I disagree, the Schmitter is a good sandwich. I have had worse sandwiches at places other than the ballpark. Food at CBP is not bad compared to some other places. Nothing is cheap, but I allways have a Schmitter

          2. re: cpharbor

            Third the Schmitter. A can't-miss combination of cheesesteak, tomato, grilled salami, fried onions, special sauce, and more cheese. Glorious. Also, the Tony Luke's in the stadium is worth the long line.

            1. re: Pete G.

              I want to heartily second Pete's vote for Tony Luke's. I think that their roast pork sandwich is the best value in the park. It takes about an inning to get it, though. Make sure to get the little container of spicy greens to add to it--great with the sharp provolone!

        2. There is nothing, Harry The K's serves warmed-up fried appetizers and not much else. I am actually a vegetarian, and get the veggie hotdogs or burgers in section 131 (?). I hear the Bull's BBQ isn't that bad - maybe worth a try. Other than that, do what we do. Go to a good Italian restaurant for dinner in South Philly and just have some ice-cream at the stadium! If it's a day game, pick up a hoagie at Lee's (or anywhere else) and enjoy it at your seat.
          GO PHILS!!!

          1. The best thing in the park, and the best value ounce for ounce, is the roast pork sandwich with sharp provolone at the Tony Luke's stand. It will take you about an inning of standing in line to get it, but for $7 (maybe more this year?) you'll get a full meal and a true Philadelphia classic. Make sure to get the spicy greens--it comes in a little plastic cup and you'll have to add it to your sandwich yourself. Messy, but worth every drop.

            1. Chickie and Pete's Crab Fries and a Cheese Steak (#1 Steves, #2 Jim's, #3 Tony Luke's, #4 Pat's, and last Geno's)

              1. there's a place next to tony luke's... hoagie something... that makes a really good veggie sandwich. grilled eggplant, peppers and onions with sharp provolone on a hoagie roll. it was really really good!

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