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Jul 7, 2007 07:08 AM

How about Wenatchee/Chelan??

everyone was so helpful with my Rhododendron Cafe question, I'll try one more on you. One of our possible excursions during our visit will be to the Lake Chelan area, probably staying in Wenatchee. Anything decent out that way?

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  1. In Wenatchee we like Shakti's, Smokeblossom, Visconti's, Windmill, McGlinn's and various Mexican restaurants. What kind of food are you interested in? The Walnut Cafe in Cashmere is good. No trip to Wenatchee would be complete without a stop at the Anjou Bakery just south of Cashmere.

    In Chelan we usually eat at BJ McDonald's.

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      thanks, Jane. We will have about ten people with us including youngish children, so nothing too exotic. Mexican is usually a crowd pleaser so that sounds promising. Also good breakfast places would be a must.

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        I don't think any of my suggestions above would be too much fun with lots of young kids. But in Manson, just out of Chelan, Blueberry Hills is a must-stop for any meal.

        Favorite Mexican restaurants in Wenatchee that would be great for crowds and kids include: Tequila's, El Sol, and Casa Tapatia (in East Wenatchee). I also like La Fuente in Wenatchee, but I am not sure they could seat 10 people together. It is worth a call.

        I respectively disagree with wino22 about skipping BC McDonald's and going to Campbells. If you are in Chelan for lunch, the kids might like the variety of foods at the Hungry Belly. Latte Da is very good for soup, salad, and sandwiches, but is very small. You could get a meal to go and eat in the park.

        Are you interested in wineries? There are many around Lake Chelan and Manson. Some are starting to offer lunch and dinner.

        I'm glad to hear dinkydog likes the Applewood Grill, but I have yet to hear a local speak well of it. I wil lhave to give it a try.

        Have a great trip! Jane

    2. For breakfast, go from Chelan and head into Manson to Blueberry Hill (?) I forget if that's the correct name, but there are signs. Their breakfast is great and good for kids. I would skip BC McDonald's in Chelan... go across the street to Campbells.

      1. Absolutely the Applewood Grill in old downtown Wenatchee, by the old railroad tracks. Fantastic food and terrific wine/beer list. Loved it!