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Jul 7, 2007 05:53 AM

Need an inexpensive (adventurous?!) place for dinner/date tonight downtown or what is your opinion on Pardo's?

I'm trying to find some place to go out tonight with my BF but we are on a very tight budget right now. I can spend up to $40 including tax, tip, etc-- total (meaning for both of us, not each). Any type of food, does not need to be pretty or romantic :) Just looking for some great food on a budget that might be a fun little adventure to get to or eat at. So if it's off the beaten path or more than just a little obscure, that's even better! Preferably we'd like to stay downtown, east or west is fine.

My standby for a cheap date for us is always Chinatown. We normally go to New Green Bo or Noodletown... but am open to other places in that area too.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. hmm... for something a little different, how about Ethiopian, like Meskel in the East Village?

    1. My friend recently went to Pizza Gruppo and he said that the pizza was the best pizza he's ever had. They have a bar too apparently. You and your bf could split a gourmet pie and a great beer. That could be fun!

      1. Caracas Arepa Bar would fit into your budget. I haven't been to Pardo's but have walked by. It looks surprisingly nice and upscale for the food price.

        1. Re Pardo's, I wouldn't call it all that adventurous -- they're kind of a one-trick pony with the chicken, and it's something American palates can easily take to -- but it's very tasty and very cheap (at least, cheap by west village standards and/or most of manhattan south of 125th st). Portions are huge: my friend and I split a whole chix (for like 15 bucks) and it was way too much, so I'd recommend a half chix with some yuca fries and salad or two...or get the whole and take it home for lunch tomorrow! Friendly service and cozy atmosphere.