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Jul 7, 2007 05:31 AM

Jewish Deli near Lowell

Looking for a good Deli (Jewish/New York style) near Lowell. Visiting friends who are jewish and love those type of places (I do too!), but with two young kids and work etc, they don't get a chance to get out and explore food sites like I can. Thanks

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  1. Good luck!! You are looking in the wrong place. Brookline might be a better option.

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    1. re: hoplover

      Yeah, I kind of figured that, but it never hurts to ask. My friend works in Brookline so he all ready knows about the places there. Thanks anyway.

      1. re: mike62

        Used to go to Weintraub's on Water St in Worcester...kinda road trippin' from Lowell but its a straight shot down 495 - 290 to the Kelly Square exit. I am pretty sure they are still around.