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Jul 7, 2007 05:22 AM

Good Lobster Shack

Heading up to Lowell for a week to visit some friends and I am looking for a good place to have lobster. Prefer to be outside, near or on the ocean, maybe up route1A or something similar. The place doesn't have to be fancy, just looking for good food (Lobster, steamers etc).

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  1. I would recommend heading out to Rockport for a terrific rustic lobster shack experience. Head into the little downtown, and walk about halfway down Bearskin Nick (the pier). On your right is an actual shack, sandwiched between galleries and tchotchke shops. Inside, order yourself a lobster, and I dare you to resist adding a few cod cakes, or smoked fish, or cherrystones, as they are all tasty and attractive and sitting right there in front of you. The nice guy behind the ice table will pull a lobster out of a large steaming vat, plop it in a paper boat with a container of drawn butter, and point you out back, where you'll park yourself at a picnic table made out of lobster traps and tear into that baby with your hands and a wee wooden fork. Don't dress nicely, you'll be a mess, but it's totally worth it, pretty well-priced, and you get to gaze out at the iconic little red fishing shack.

    The guy who runs this shack basically supplies all the seafood restaurants in Rockport, including his wife's place (the name of which I can't remember), but he saves out a large number of lobsters for his little shack, which draws the hungry well into the fall.

    As a bonus, Rockport is a very cute little town, and while there are some touristy stores, there are also lovely galleries, local artisans, tasty food (try the strudel hut if you have room after the lobster), and pretty shoreline walks.

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      I think it's called Roy Moore's, and while I haven't had lobster there in a while, it was well worth the visit at the time. Follow litchick's advice and wear something you won't mind getting messy in, as it's a real "in the rough" experience.

      1. re: bachslunch

        The Lobster Pool on 127 between Halibut Point and Folly Cove has good in the rough lobster and gorgeous views.

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        My son learned to eat lobster, here, and it's one of our favorite places. Very relaxing and low key. They don't sell anything to drink so bring your own.

        1. re: three of us

          ah, they have added a soda machine of late. but yes, if you want something other than soda, byo.