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Jul 7, 2007 05:21 AM

Best place for Kathie/Kati Rolls?

I've just discovered the existance of Katie rolls, and would love to try one. Was wondering where everyone recommends as the best place to go.

Also--out of curiosity--wondered if there were any good places in the Bronx, or any Kathi Roll establishments that were vegan/vegetarian? Neither requirement is essential, but it would be a nice bonus if they were...!


--Janet (GG)

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  1. I've found the kathi rolls I've tried too greasy, but all the places have vegetarian options, with and without egg. I've been to the place on 46th St. and Roomali in the 20s, and didn't like either.

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    1. re: Peter Cherches

      Kathi Roll Shop is on 46st off 7th ave going toward 6th ave. I like certain kathi rolls there. The potato w/egg is good. The chicken or chicken w/egg is good. I didn't like the red meat kathi's (I think it was lamb). They offer a good deal if you buy 2 of the same. I usually get 2 and re-heat 1 for breakfast.

      1. re: Ora

        FYI, Kati Roll Company has moved from 46th Street to West 39th between 5th & 6th Ave. The new location may not be open yet.

        Competition has apparently heated up int he area, though:

    2. there is a kati roll place on macdougal in the village.i get them once in awhile -- they are ok. worth a try.

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        And incidentially, it's called Kati Roll.

      2. i like roomali, but i usually bring them home and dip them in sriracha sauce (makes them much better); i like the bihari and one other, but the name slips my mind; getting the egg on it is essential

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        1. re: Lau

          Well, I tried Katie Rolls and Chaat House today...and while I can't compare to anything, here's my take. The Katie Roll: nice. A little too greasy for me, but definitely decent.

          The Papri Chaat, on the other hand, was AMAZING. I loved it, and now have to try each and every other type of Chaat out there. One problem...I'm vegan. (I've made a deal with myself that I can try anything once if it's new...but if I want to have it again, it's gotta"kosher". And I know the stuff I had included yogurt...) Any idea of any southern Indian places that make vegan chaat? That stuff was absolutely dreamy!!

          1. re: gaijingirl

            go to dimple (30th bet 5th and bway), i like their chaat the best...they are kosher and vegetarian

            btw, when you say vegan, do you mean no yogurt? b/c i've never had any chaat with meat and the only obvious animal product is yogurt (maybe im not thinking of one)...generally though alot of indian food is vegetarian and most of the south indian restaurants in manhattan are vegetarian and a good deal of them are kosher

            1. re: Lau

              Lau - thanks for the quick response. Actually, to clarify...I meant kosher in a figurative sense (ie: "allowed.") I'm not kosher, but I am vegan - no dairy, no eggs...definitely no meat. So yogurt's out. :( But darn it, Chaat is amazing....

              1. re: gaijingirl

                go to dimple, nothing has meat, so you're good there and get the bhel puri or the papri chaat....i dont think either have yogurt

                1. re: gaijingirl

                  oh go get pani puri as well...i love pani puri, its never great in the US, but its such a good dish

              2. re: gaijingirl

                From Gujurat (Western India) and the chaat at Sukhadia is superb. At least some of the options contain yogurt though. Call to check. 17 W. 45th Street in Midtown.

                1. re: burton

                  Dear Burton and Lau,

                  Thanks for the information - I've added both Dimple and Sukhadia to my "to go soon" list... my experience with Papri Chaat has me fascinated. I thought I'd tried all the basics (Dosa, Iddly, Samosas, etc.) But now there's a whole new range of things to try.,...and I'm really looking forward to it!

              3. re: Lau

                Man, I miss Roomali...

                And, for that matter, Dimple...

                I actually think the plain old chicken tikka roll is my favorite at Roomali. The others can sometimes be too dry for my taste.

                1. re: a_and_w

                  After work today, I raced over to Dimple... It's closed until August 16th for renovations!!!!! (Collapsing in frustration...)

                  1. re: gaijingirl

                    oh i forgot to tell u, i usually call them before i go, for some reason they always have weird stuff going on like they'll close early or have some private thing going on

                    1. re: Lau

                      Gotcha. But it's actually closed, closed (at least for now). The interior is full of carpentry, and there's a sign on the door, saying they'll be reopening on the 16th..!

                  2. re: a_and_w

                    yes ROOMALI all the way. and yes the chicken tikka (i like to have it spicy) is the best! my friend will actually walk here all the way from the west village, come in from brooklyn...etc. its THAT good.