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Jul 7, 2007 04:53 AM

Europe in Toronto?

I just got back from a trip to Germany, Austria and Hungary. We ate some wonderful food, and now I'm wondering where to go in Toronto for similar fare. In Hungary particularly, there were some great game restauants with lots of venison, and wild boar, which left me hungry for more. What are the best places for Bavarian and Hungarian food in the GTA?

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  1. There's "Amadeus Bavarian Beer Stube" on Richmond, which has gotten okay reviews over the past year or so. It's supposed to be Austrian / Bavarian type food and environment. I am not qualified to comment on its authenticity...

    Here's an old-ish review:

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      Unfortunately Amadeus closed down not too long ago. Not enough lovers of Austrian food in TO to keep it going.

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        Oh, oops. I kept meaning to go there and didn't. I guess I'm partly responsible.

    2. Unfortunately, real game is illegal in Canada -- you can only serve farm-raised venison and wild boar. There's a wild boar farm (a bit of a contradiction in terms) in Prince Edward County, and some restaurants in town are serving it.
      As for hearty Central European fare, there ain't much left, since most of the goulash palaces on Bloor St. closed down in the early 90s. The Coffee Mill in Yorkville does a nice schnitzel and goulash soup, still served by older Hungarian ladies.

      Coffee Mill
      99 Yorkville, Toronto, ON M5R3K5, CA

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        While it is true that "wild" game served in restaurants must be raised on a farm, there are two notable exceptions. Both Muskox and Caribou are available from culls of the herds in the Canadian north. These culls are done under government control and are therefore legal to be served in restaurants.

      2. The Country Inn in Unionville isn't too bad. I remember my dad ordering venision there once. Nice way to spend a warm summer evening...wandering around Historic Unionville then eating schnitzel!!

        1. Mr Hungarian in Newmarket is very good for traditional Hungarian fare. I don't recall any game on the menu, but there was more than the usual suspects. On a previous thread, someone recommended a newish place around Yonge and Davisville called Elisabeth's.

          1. there was an episode of street eats that covered Hungarian food a while back:


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              I'm thinking we're going to make a trip to the Coffee Mill soon. Get a nice Chicken Papricash and maybe a Palacsinta for desert:)

              I'm also really keen to find some Bavarian cuisine in T.O. Particularly I had a Pork knuckle with Potato Dumpling and dark beer sauce that I need to have again!