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Jul 7, 2007 04:48 AM

See's Candies

When I was out in SF last week, I (of course) had to buy a few pieces of See's chocolate. I got their chocolate buttercream, the key lime truffle and some brown sugar buttercream (I can't remember the exact name). All were very good: smooth and good flavor.

Now I'm thinking of buying some online.
Which are some of their best flavors?

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  1. This is probably too broad a reply for you, but I always prefer their nuts & chews boxes.


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      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Nuts & chews for me too.

        I like the chocolate & PB pops and individually wrapped coffee candy.

        1. re: OCAnn

          No more peanut butter pops. :(

        2. re: The Dairy Queen

          Yup. That whole Nuts & Chews assortment is pretty darned scrummy.

        3. Try their dark chocolate with the raspberry filling....

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          1. re: mardy

            Yup. The raspberry buttercreams (not the raspberry truffles) are excellent -- not only that, but I've been eating them for almost 40 years and they're exactly the same as they were (except, for some reason, there are occasionally bad batches (paler color, not as good flavor) in the summer time -- must have something to do with how they source their raspberries). Actually, I like virtually all of their dark chocolates, but a few favorites are: butterchews (the best of their caramels), Scotchmallows (caramel and marshmallow in dark chocolate), marzipan, ginger (the ginger isn't in any of the pre-boxed assortments), dark Bordeaux (brown sugar buttercream), lemon truffle (lemon filling, not lemon flavored chocolate), the chocolate buttercream with dark chocolate, or for an even more intense chocolate experience, the chocolate chip truffle.

            For more nutty/chewy things, the toffeettes are great, as are the almond royal (chocolate caramel with almonds).

            If you deign to eat milk chocolate, the California brittle is excellent (it also comes in dark, but I think the original milk version is better), the butterscotch squares are great, and I like the Chelsea (chocolate buttercream with nuts) and Mayfair (vanilla buttercream with nuts and cherries).

            If you like pecan logs, their version is excellent. I'm sure I've forgotten something!

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Forgot about the Scotchmallow and Ca Brittle... yum. Mom's Apple Pie Truffle is also delish.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                Your post is making me want them NOW! You mention so many and I agree with every word. There is something special about their dark chocolates. I have never found another marzipan that I like comparied to See's. The Milk Chocolate "California Brittle" (Toffee brittle in a coating of milk chocolate) is the one I get by the "box full" (why settle for a pound when they can fit more in the box?). The other one I like, and keep as a private stash in their own little box, is the Awesome Nut & Chew Bar (Nougat, almonds, and a drop of honey in every bite all covered with dark chocolate – Awesome!). In Cal. we are lucky to have such a great local sorce of chocolate at such a great price. To the OP, Summer time mailing may result in melting. Therefore, if these get mailed be at home waiting to put them in a cool place.

                Awesome Nut & Chew Bar

            2. I haven't had See's in years but I, too, used to prefer the nuts and chews. However, I would often buy a box for an elderly relative who preferred the creams and when I sampled some with him, I really liked the lemon, raspberry, strawberry and orange creams a lot. If you liked the Key Lime you would probably enjoy these. Their hard almond toffee is also very good. I've not tried it but that Glaced Ginger looks interesting.

              1. Molasses chips with dark chocolate.

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                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Ditto the molasses chips (but ONLY w/dark chocolate) + the Scotchmallow. I also like their little toffee-ette bites

                  1. re: LAWoman

                    I love the Scotch mallows too! As a kid, the molasses chips and scotchmallow maximized the value equation for me. I'd put 50¢ on the counter and ask the nice ladies for some of each. Because they're lightweight, the volume returned for my four-bits seemed like the best value on a poundage basis. Plus, the See's ladies usually gave me TWO free samples and let me pick what I wanted. Then I'd go for one of the heavy creams for the freebies.

                  2. re: Melanie Wong

                    Molasses chips! these are the last left in the box for us. I fight anyone for the marzipan. Not really excellent, but marizipan is hard to find outside of Cost Plus. Ginger in dark is good. Awesome bar. Peanut brittle is very buttery.

                  3. The brown sugar buttercream is called Bordeaux. While I'm also fond of their nuts and chews, I love the fruit-flavored creams - a good old-fashioned cream is hard to find nowadays. Their chocolate-covered marzipan is also surprisingly good, if you like marzipan. And their bridge mix is addictive.

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                    1. re: Allstonian

                      LOOOOOVE BORDEAUX!

                      also vanilla buttercream, butterscotch square, scotch mallow, scotch kiss, maple, wish the strawberry was coated in white chocolate, apple pie and key lime pie truffles, butterscotch chew...

                      it's probably a good thing that my tummy is too finicky for these with any sort of regularity.