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Jul 7, 2007 02:15 AM

Help! Need nice breakfast place in Indy for special mtg w/godmother

Flying in for a family thing. Haven't seen godmother in quite some time.
One option is breakfast somewhere. Lunch maybe, instead.

Any great rec's for either in the Glendale, Broad Ripple or Castleton area
per chance? Being in her 80's, I don't think she will want to venture too much further
than these areas.

And yet, I would like to treat her to a nice outing...she would fall back into
just doing fast food, I think, for budgetary reasons. Help me? Thanks! :-)
Trip coming up very soon, so any quick replies most appreciated!!

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  1. We love Three Sisters Cafe in Broad Ripple. I can't remember the street name, but it's in a big old house. Great big homemade multigrain pancakes and omelets, and they serve all of their lunch stuff for breakfast as well. Love their spinach melt. I ahve taken very diverse groups there and EVERYONE has always loved it. This would also be an ideal place for lunch.

    Another good place is Cafe Patachou. Just google both of these---they are both reliably very good.

    Have fun!

    1. I really like Le Peep for breakfast. They have the standards and they are great, but also some creative breakfast twists. They have locations in Castleton and on 86th in Nora and at 71st and 495.

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        For smaller & independent, might want to try Zest on 54th Street just east of the Monon trail (my mom uses a walker and finds it easy to get into). Also Taste at 52nd & College is wonderful for breakfast and accessible.

      2. I disagree with the recommendation for Three Sisters and Le Peep. Patachou is OK.

        I strongly vote for Taste Cafe and Marketplace on College. They have both indoor and outdoor seating which should serve you well.

        1. Sit on the porch at the Three Sisters! Some coffee, good food - makes for a nice setting in which to visit.