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Jul 6, 2007 11:56 PM


Good? Not so good? Favorites?


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  1. Pretty good. I don't care for their beans (too black peppery), but the fish tacos and shrimp dishes are pretty good for a QSR.

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      I was just curious, as I have a friend from CA who is not a CH'er & he loves them. As I suspected, it's regular old QSR quality.

    2. Many will disagree, but I find some of the food at Rubio's to be tastier, fresher, and more authentic than the slop served at SoCal taquerias. I had given up on Mexican food here years ago (too greasy, not actually grilled, what's with all the cheddar cheese, sour cream, and lettuce instead of cabbage?), but now Rubio's satisfies for the rare carne asada craving. I like that they put rice and beans in their burritos. Truly, their product (and that of the similar Baja Fresh chain) is fresher and brighter in flavor than what you will find at most tacos shops around here. Both offer freshly fried tortilla chips -- BF's are my favorite in that category.

      1. I'm a fan. For the price very tasty, with reasonably healthy options.

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        1. re: kindofabigdeal

          I'm happy to hear otherwise, I think I'll give it a try tonight since the husband's at work.


          1. re: dbug31

            Tried the fish tacos & I must say I'm not a fan. They weren't bad, but I wouldn't order one again. I did however really enjoy the carnitas street taco. It was a big hunk of meat & a bit of sauce. Yummy!

        2. My taste buds favor Baja Fresh and La Salsa, both of which are in that same "counter-service-but-better-than-Taco-Bell" category. Baja Fresh in particular boasts of the freshness of its food and not serving anything that's frozen, much like In-N-Out Burger does. Rubios in general tends to sauce up their menu selections, more than its competitors. I had this chicken burrito at Rubios which had some type of chipotle-chili sauce which I swear tasted like spicy Big Mac sauce. The "street tacos' on Rubio's menu are what I tend to favor, since they are more simply prepared. With Baja-style Mexican food, just give me some corn tortillas, nicely flame broiled meat, some cilantro, some onions and a slice of fresh lime! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it....

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            I'm with you. Either one is preferable. Rubios is McDs quality.

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              I like Rubio's because they really do the seafood thing, whereas the others usually only have fish tacos, if that. The grilled shrimp quesedilla at Rubio's is to die for! The only thing I don't care for is their chips/salsa; the chipotle salsa is passable, the rest, ehhhhh.

              I will never, never, ever eat at Baja Stale again! La Salsa is OK, but the lines are ridiculous at the one close to my work.

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                By the way, I just checked the nutritional information for all three of these places. If you're concerned about cholesterol, fat grams, saturated fat, and all those bad things, it's pretty much a three-way tie for last place. Then again, I think those of us who like Mexican food already suspect that.

              2. Absolutely don't like their fish tacos or their burritos. Low quality and bad taste.