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L'Arte Del Gelato (brief report)

I tried L'Arte Del Gelato (75 7th Ave South). Actually I was on my way to Cones when saw this new place. 2 flavors in a small cup is $3.95, a bargain compared to Grom. This location has been open only 1 week and still smells of paint and tile work. The service was good. And the gelato flavors I tried were quite good. The cherry vanilla gelato was delicious, and the dulce de leche was a real standout. They claim to make the gelato fresh daily, whatever they are doing is fine by me because the product is quite creamy and delicous--and fair priced. I have been a Cones fan for years, but I must admit, the texture at L'Arte beats Cones in creaminess and overall fresh clean taste. Though, Cones has more unusual flavors. I wish L'Arte opened on the UWS instead of Grom, L'Arte is better and cheaper. In sum, I highly recommend L'Arte Del Gelato. I will return--often.

75 9th Ave (15-16 St) or 75 7th Ave S

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  1. How does this compare to Il Labrotorio?

    1. I'm a fan of L'Arte. They've had a stand in Chelsea Market for quite some time, but I haven't been to the new location.

      1. Tried the new one tonight. I had chocolate raspberry and nocciola. The chocolate was amazing, tasted strongly of cocoa and fresh raspberry-- almost reminded me of a truffle in taste. The nocciola was also good, but a little too sweet for me. Overall it was good, though it didn't taste quite like Italy to me.

        1. I'm a lifelong Cones fan but L'Arte is very good (not better). More of a purist's version of gelato but Salvatore hooked my daughter (who was weaned on Cones) with a fresh Bruno Bakery brioche stuffed with the dulce di latte gelato.

          1. I tried the mascapone the other day and it was absolutely delicious!

            1. When we were at Chelsea Market two weeks ago, my husband and I tried 4 different flavors at L'Arte del Gelato. All were scumptious!

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                RGR, kobetobiko et al, how does it rate with il lab? Coming to NYC again soon :).

              2. i am longing for an l'arte up here as well. we have plenty of abandoned store fronts just beckoning for one on the UWS. uggh, i tried grom today after boycotting the place.
                the line was nonexistent and the ice cream was so soft, it was falling off the cone the moment she handed it to me. i was so focused on preventing a mess that i didn't even realize whether or not i liked the ice cream. meh. yup, i guess it's just meh and a $5.15 cent meh (small cone) is way too expensive.

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                  I believe Galilieo (sp?) on amsterdam and 94th has L' Arte gelato

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                    ohhhh! will look into that. THANKS!!!

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                    Their web site says there is a new location at Lincoln Center Plaza.

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                      wooooooo. that's even better!!!!!!! thanks! i just called them and was told they are having a problem with their freezer at their lincoln center location (behind the ballet building!!). it may be a few days but they are in touch with the manufacturer in italy. they've been open for just about two weeks.
                      the guy was so nice and i promised to spread the word. thanks, adidaf, i would have never found this place on my own b/c i never walk down that block but i live less than a half mile away!!

                  3. I did a little gelato tour today by walking down Bleeker and I have to say, Cones was by far the best. They had this raspberry mascarpone flavor that was absolutely incredible, fresh, creamy, and a little tart - a perfect balance. The ice cream itself had a wonderfully creamy and dense consistency. Has anyone tried the Johnny Walker Black with kumquats flavor? How is that??

                    I liked Grom but it wasn't a stand-out for me, especially at $4.75 a pop. Flavors were okay, but the gelato didn't have that smooth consistency of Cones. L'Arte del Gelato was great, though it was more about the intensity and pureness of flavor than about the gelato. Loved the presentation, though! So pretty behind the glass counter draped in ribbons of chocolate and caramel.

                    1. Is there any decent gelato (or ice cream) in the Wall Street area? I haven't found any.

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                        There's a stand outside Duane Park Cafe. I tried a sample and it was good but was almost a pool of liquid. Not a good idea to the stand out in the shining sun.