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Jul 6, 2007 09:19 PM

Looking for good pizza in the Hudson Valley

I found Longobardi's in Wappingers Falls to be pretty good, but I haven't found a truly excellent pizza place up here. I grew up on pizza from Staten Island and Brooklyn, so it's hard to find anything that is even close. Any suggestions?

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  1. A bit of a drive from Wappingers Falls, but Plaza Pizza (originally from Brooklyn) & Picnic Pizza (originally from Italy) both in Kingston, NY.

    two totally different styles, but both my fav's. I worked at Plaza as a teenager in the late 90's.

    I would kill for either of them now. There is a shortage of good pizza here in Vegas. I'm convinced it's the dry air, it makes it hard to make a good crust.

    1. several suggestions:

      Village Pizza in Rhinebeck (on Market St, which is the main drag)
      Four Seasons in Kingston (in a strip mall near Burlington Coat Factory and Staples on Rt. 9W
      Emiliano's on Main St. in Poughkeepsie down toward the waterfront
      Giacomos acroos Rt 9 from Marist College

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        Nooo not Village! i find it tasteless (and can tell that they cook their pasta sauce in old aluminum pots or something of the sort....it tastes like pennies)

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          Village pizza is terrible! But CJ's in Rhinebeck is actually quite good. I think they only do pies, but we got one on a fairly regular basis when we lived up there (we live in Brooklyn now, and previously), and were pretty happy. They also do a really tasty whole wheat crust, if that interests you at all. WW with sausage and spinach was our staple.

        2. ok - my likes on pizzas in nyc - original ray's (11th/6th) because of the cheese/crust, and joe's on downing/6th (before it closed). i am NOT a fan of pepe's/grimaldi's/brick oven, though i understand those who do. that's my background.

          amore's in pleasant valley is nice, consistent, good for up here. not worth driving long distances for.
          four brothers (around) is either love it or hate it.
          just tried gino's (poughkeepsie) last night, good if you live in poughkeepsie but not worth driving for.

          cosimo's is a thinner style pizza.

          i've heard aloy's in poughkeepsie (which has a website) is supposed to have distinctive / good old-fashioned pizza. i haven't been, but it was discussed here on hound:


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            we just had aloy's pizza. it's a rectangle pizza, 8 large slices. it's thinner, but not the new haven kind of thin pizza.

            we thought it was good, but not good enough to go back to (the drive there was about 15 minutes). i'd reco it to people in poughkeepsie who are somewhat near the main post office / poughkeepsie journal, but not as a 'must go' for the pizza.

            however...it has been around almost 80 years, and we're probably going to try it for the italian restaurant section at some point.

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              Brother's Trattoria on Main Street in Beacon has good food and their pizza looks good. Worth a try, perhaps?

          2. Like applesauce 23, I'm also grew up on NYC pizza and moved to Kingston about two years ago. I love living here in the Hudson Valley but I haven't found any really good pizza places in this neck of the woods. Plaza Pizza, Picnic Pizza, Four Seasons, Cosmos, all in Kingston are OK; the same with Village Pizza in Rhinebeck, and the pizza joints in Pt. Ewen and Red Hook. I've been known to travel up to 30 miles for a good slice so any suggestions for REALLY good pizza would be appreciated.

            1. upstate has a lot of good food but one thing i have found is it's lacking in pizza. there is one place though, a touch of naples on violet ave. in poughkeepsie. it's truly delicious; the pizza slices are huge but it's authentic pizza that's comparable to pizza in brooklyn. when you're really missing "real pizza" this is definitely the place to go.

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              1. re: radioactivebetty

                radioactivebetty: Thanks for the tip. How do I get there from Route 9?

                1. re: jayjay

                  it's right off of route 9. it's actually pretty convienent. i actually go to the cia so it's minutes away. depending on which direction your coming from on route 9 you'll be making a left or right onto west dorsey lane. you'll then take that straight up until you hit violet avenue (there will be a stop light) and make a left. it'll be on your right hand side. you'll probably miss it the first time you pass it since it's very modest looking on the outside. for a hint, it's right next to a dunkin' donuts. if you love pizza, you'll really love this place.