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Jul 6, 2007 08:50 PM

Big 4-0 bday dinner celebration

I am looking to have a memorable 40 bday dinner celebration in a few weeks...will have out of town mom and brother joining me. Only made the waitlist for Minibar...any suggestions for a dinner to remember? Also looking for a great Sunday brunch...Colonnade is on hiatus for the summer. Thanks!

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  1. I've had 2 really nice "special occassion" dinners at Equinox. The staff is very friendly and helpful there, especially if you tell them it's your birthday when you make the reservation. I don't know how many people are in your party but for my Grandpa's 80th birthday we had about 10 people and were able to get their special private room which is also kinda used to store the wine. It was a wonderful experience.

    The food is excellent...the chef uses a lot of locally grown produce and ingrediants that are fresh for the season. It might not be as much of a spectacle at Minibar but I still think it's excellent.

    If you want something that has the fun factor that Minibar has I think the closest thing is probably Citronelle in Georgetown. I love that restaurant as well and recently celebrated my father's birthday there and has an excellent meal filled with lots of truffles! :)

    For brunch one of my favorite spots is Bistro Bis.

    1. Restaurant Eve, I have never been to the tasting room, but I love the regular menu and that is supposed to be a great experience (a good friend went and her recollections have made me really jealous).

      For Brunch Tallulah has a great brunch, I also really like Chef Geoff's and I second Bistro Bis.

      1. Skip minibar unless you never travel to New York or Chicago or elsewhere in the world with their own mollecular gastronomy style restaurants.

        Dinners to remember in the DC area: Tasting Room at Eve, 2941, Palena back room, kitchen table at Inn at Little Washington.

        Sunday Brunch: Colorado Kitchen, Tallula (was surprised at how great it was), Tabbard Inn.

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          I 2md Palena's back room. Went there for my birthday a few years back and have eaten there a number of times since then (front room mostly) and had excellent experiences.

          Tabbard Inn is also nice for brunch...especially the back court yard area which is very enchanting.

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            I don't think the IALW is worth the price, and particularly not the kitchen table, si disagree with jpschust there. I love the back room at Palena and have had many great special occasion meals there.

            I really like the brunch at CO kitchen. Only negative is that they don't take reservations so there can be quite a wait. I'm only so-so on Tabard Inn, but it has the advantage of a lovely outdoor seating area, and they do take reservations.

            Regardless of where you go, let us know what you think!

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              I love Palena's back room, and I would suggest you consider Maestro too.