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Jul 6, 2007 07:21 PM

1999 Beringer Cabernet, Private Reserve, $30?

I came across this in my weekly email newsletter:

I've never had this wine, but is this too good a deal to pass up? Should I just load up on a case and give them out as Christmas gifts?

I'm also unsure of how/why they can offer it at this price. Poor storage? Although I've had only 1 corked bottle or Rioja from the 5 or 6 cases I've purchased from them. Perhaps those of you who have experience in wholesale/distribution can enlighten me.


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  1. i haven't heard good things about this vintage, so they may be trying to get rid of it (as indicated by the greatly reduced price). it could be this price because of the poor reception amongst buyers of the vintage, or perhaps it was bought so they could get to something else (more expensive wines sometimes have that kind of red tape...a shop has to buy stuff off of a purveyor in order to get to the good stuff)

    if the original price was $100+, and they're selling it now for that low a price, then something probably isn't right! that old of a vintage, if it's any good, should be increasing in value...

    buy a bottle to see if you like it before you move in buying a case.

    1. The '99 was a good wine. Upon release, most '99s got higher marks, than did the '98s. However, the '98s just happened to be ready to drink upon release - great restaurant wines! The '99s were good, but not what the '94/'95s were. The price seems good. I'd go for a half-case, in a heartbeat.

      I still have some '89s, from Napa, that I picked up at "firesale," as it was such a disdained vintage, especially after the wonderful '85s. Well made wines can shine in almost any vintage. Much of the ballyho is by the wine press, and too often, the wine buying public follow like sheep. Beringer Private Reserve is a good wine in nearly every year. Go for it.


      1. "Poor storage? Although I've had only 1 corked bottle or Rioja from the 5 or 6 cases I've purchased from them."

        Bad things can happen in transit and storage -- think heat damage -- but TCA contamination (corkedness) isn't one of them. That happens at the winery.

        1. At that price I'd be snapping them up. The 99 was a very good wine and it should be very drinkable now and for about 5 more years. The shop may be trying to free up space or it may have gotten the wine at a very good price in a late release from the winery.

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            That being said, if it's so drinkable now, etc. why the hell would you sell it for a quarter of the price? It should be much better than the release year, true, but I'm still skeptical. They must be buying in something really great/rare to want to free up space THAT much

            Unless you're buying in futures, why not taste a bottle before buying a case, eh? =)

            1. re: dinwiddie

              Apparently everyone else felt the same way. I received my email at 8pm. I placed my order by 10:30. I just got an email that they had sold out yesterday evening and it's unlikely anyone will cancel their order.