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Jul 6, 2007 06:30 PM

Seafood spot in SF with private room?

I could really use some Hound help on this one... I'm organizing a work-related dinner for 12 people and the criteria are 1) good seafood and 2) a private room or at least area that's conducive to "work-talk". Does anything like this exist that's *not* Farallon? Budget is not an issue, BTW. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. :)

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  1. I prefer Hong Kong-style places for seafood, where "fresh" means "live from the tank." I'm no expert on which restaurants have rooms or areas the size you need, but I bet someone on this board is. I have found Great Eastern on Jackson between Grant Ave. and Kearny to be reliable for many years. Seafood items are, perforce, very expensive. The rest of the menu (non-specials, that is) is fair-priced for the quality.

    1. maybe Sams Grill on Bush at Belden Alley? They have curtained booths along one side also separated from the main dining area by a walkway & wall. The largest can be configured for a dozen. Somewhat old fashioned fare but it's a nice little slice of older-time SF.

      1. Boulevard is not strictly speaking a seafood restaurant, but they do a great job with it, and have a private room.

        1. Pescheria has good Italian seafood and casual setting on the back patio for a private party.

          Pescheria - closed & moving to new location
          1708 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94131

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            i hosted a business dinner at Shanghai 1930 which worked extremely well. Their private room was lovely, the food was outstanding, and they were flexible in working with me on subbing in/out certain dishes. And for the quality/quantity of food, level of service and really lovely decor, the value was outstanding. We didn't have a huge budget, so we skimped on wine a bit, but the sommelier was still very polite and helpful when he saw i was choosing bottles at the bottom of their price level - this is always a good sign to me.

            if you prefer italian, il fornaio also has a nice private room, though service, food, decor and value were all better at Shanghai 1930