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Jul 6, 2007 05:58 PM

good food in Columbia?

Please help me find something interesting to eat in Columbia, Missouri--
I have searched the blogs/entries/etc, and can find no real direct mention of much interesting except maybe for an egg foo yung sandwich?
I'm thinking Japanese instead... freshy?
Any good Japanese restaurants in Columbia??
Thanks for your reply--

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  1. What have you tried so far (restaurant wise)?

    There are a good number of posts on Columbia. Some directly about the town - often within posts of Missouri in general or for those traveling on 70.

    The most recent is about some thai offerings.

    A thread with many recs and advice:

    A couple more:

    Those'll get you started anyway. For Japanese specifically, I've only been to Sake a couple of years ago and the sushi smelled bad. Not sure if it's still there or what other offerings there might be (former resident of 27 years - now I return 2-3 times a year)

    1. Osaka is a great sushi place on the south side of Columbia off of Nifong. Friends in St. Louis think it may be the best sushi in MO.

      1. Osaka is definitely your best bet for Japanese. Their sushi is fresh and the rest of their dishes are tasty.
        Sake is okay. Their sushi is marginal. If you're looking for a good lunch value, their bentos are a pretty good deal, but otherwise, it's not worth a stop.