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Jul 6, 2007 05:26 PM

Orlando take out (east side/airport)

Hello Orlando 'hounds,

I spend a fair amount of time in Orlando on business, and am looking for options for those nights where I just want to grab something to go and head back to the hotel. I'm usually on the east side (Waterford/UCF-ish) or at the airport. My favorite spot (take out or not) in Orlando is the Falafel Cafe on University, but I have resorted to Bennigans/Unos on occasion (and regretted it).

Do you have any recommendations for good takeout? I like anything except Indian or sushi, price doesn't matter (I assume takeout will not include $40 entrees, but at this point I'd even consider those ;) ), and I have a car and a map (though I tend to get lost downtown). Oh, and if there are specific dishes at a place you recommend, I'd like to hear those as well.

Thank you! I will promise to report back in exchange for suggestions :).

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  1. While not the best barbecue in Orlando, the Bubbalou's located on Alafaya trail is better than eating at most take out places:

    There's a little Thai place in Waterford Lakes called Thai Singha that has very good food. I imaging you can order it to go.

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      My girlfriend and I love Thai Singha! I've only been to three different Thai restaurants in all of Orlando, but it is by far my favorite. Try the pad kee mao (drunken noodles) -- they are kick-ass.

      Also, Lazy Moon Pizzeria is in a little strip shopping center right across the street from UCF, on University and Alafaya, and they have absolutely HUGE slices of thin, crispy, New York-style pizza with great gourmet toppings.

      It might be a chain, but I'm a huge fan of Sonny's Real Pit Barbecue (moreso than Bubbalou's). At least it was started in Gainesville and is now based in nearby Maitland, so it's a local chain. I go to the Oviedo one, but it looks like there is one at 310 S. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32825, so that's probably a lot closer to you.

    2. Urban flats is good, you can get that to go.

      1. Thanks for the recs so far! I've been to that Thai place, but never thought of it for dinner take out--I appreciate the rec, b/c I think their dinner menu has a lot more options (including pad kee mao, my favorite) then their lunch one. Is their pad kee mao spicy? I remember the pad thai being oddly sweet (I know it shouldn't be spicy, but this was *super* sweet) and the pad see ew being a little bland, so I'm wondering if I should make a point to order it extra spicy.

        I have tried Urban Flats, but again, didn't think of it for take out. I had a brie/caramelized onion "pizza" there that was really tasty.

        Haven't heard of the BBQ or pizza recs, and I'm looking forward to trying them out soon. Thank you for sparing me from another rubber salad or deep fried whatever.

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          Have you tried Goodfellas Pizzeria (11865 E Colonial Dr)? They do takeout and delivery (warning- they are cash only for deliveries).They do a nice thin crust pizza, but also delicious entrees. Their chicken Romano is my personal favorite (chicken breast pounded thin topped with ham, eggplant & a sherry cream sauce- Yum!). They also have a really great pasta dish with tomato and feta cheese- don't remember what it's called, but I think it is the house special. Louie and Maria's (also on Colonial) also does phenomenal Italian- but I'm not sure whether they offer takeout. Lastly- right next to Urban Flats there is a new Cheeburger Cheeburger ( a chain, yes- but they make a darn good burger and frings basket to go!) Good Luck!

        2. From the airport drive straight up 436, there is a Thai restaurant about a block north of Colonial Dr. Its pretty authentic. If you like Peruvian chicken (better than Bostom Market) there are a couple on Semoran near Lake Margaret, next to Wal-Mart and one just south of Curry Ford Rdon the south bound side.
          Then there is Thai House in the Vi-mi area of downtown. Don't worry you won't get lost. Just take 436 north from the airport and make a left on to Colonial and go about 3 miles west, it's on the right side.
          You can try Cheeburger-Cheeburger across from Waterford Lakes Town Center.
          If youare feeling adventurous, try one of the "trucks" in the Whisper Lakes area. Again these directions are from MCO. Take 528 west to Orange Blossom Trail (aka OBT, 441/17/92) south. Drive about 2.6 miles until you see McDonald's and an ice cream stand. Pull up to the truck with the TV's on the side and ask for a Pepito-Mixto. You won't regret it. BTW he opens at about 7 PM. There are other trucks on OBT, but none have this all-in-one sandwich.

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            I once lived on that side of town as well and miss my favorite chinese takeout at china club(if it is still there) it is on the corner of university and alafaya next to the gas station in the same bldg. Take out only!

          2. Thanks all! I promised to report back, so here is the first wave... it was so disgustingly hot/sticky that I didn't explore much this trip. (I know, I's hot in Florida in July. Duh. But it cuts down on my 'houdish tendencies.) I did have some hummus & tzatziki from Falafel Cafe one night...good as always. I also tried a new-ish place called "Designer Greens" on the newer side of Waterford. It's essentially a make your own salad place (except that they make it for you). I had grilled chicken (nice grill marks, no rubbery texture), sugared pecans, apples (kind of bland, and chunked rather than sliced, which was weird), and something else... It was a good salad, about $10 which I think is a bit much for what it was, but I'd go back.

            I am totally looking forward to trying the pepito-mixto truck (and some of your other suggestions) on a future trip.