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Jul 6, 2007 05:00 PM

Where to buy fresh crawfish?

Will be in NOLA for one day for a business trip next week. Where is a good place to buy fresh crawfish? Need a place that will package it up to check as luggage. Last month I was in Baton Rouge and Tony's Seafood did a fine job with this request, and that night, all my Denver neighbors enjoyed 50 lbs of yummy mud-bugs! I will have a car and don't mind driving around a bit (just not all the way to Baton Rouge!).

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  1. I don't think you will get anything worth taking back with you at this time. It's too late in the season. You might try some peeled tails packed in dry ice, and you could make some etouffee instead. Just make sure they are Louisiana crawfish.

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      Remember dry ice was., and is a no-no on airplanes - go for the blue ice... and the frozen tails will still impress your Rocky Mountain neighbors....

      We usually buy at Schafer and Rusich, which will let you include a stop at R&O

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        Just got back from Bucktown - Schafer and Rusich is closed for vacation July 8 - July 25

    2. I live in between BR and NO but closer to BR (Gonzales) and always buy local so can't help you there. I do know Tony's Seafood quite well (I have ate lunch there for years and we get our crawfish for boils at work there) and they are probably the only place in the BR metro that would hook you up like they did.

      I just wanted to add that I am still getting nice sized crawfish as of yesterday so if you do find a place in NO that can help you, you might still get some good ones. This has been a great year for big crawfish in our corner of the swamp.

      Have to add. If you didn't try them when you was at Tony's, try their Boudin Ball the next time you go there if you are in BR again. A taste sensation.

      1. Crawfish season is over the only thing left will probably not be very good.