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Jul 6, 2007 03:48 PM

One night in Palm Springs - dinner?

Where should we eat? We'll be driving from Joshua Tree to the hotel - Hyatt Grand Champions Resort and Spa.

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  1. If you want the best casual bistro food go to Zin. I am 99% sure they are open 7 nights all summer - a lot of places in PS close 2-3 nights a week. If it is the weekend and you want something more upscale Johannes is very good. Both are downtown very close to the Hyatt - 1 block or less.

    PS Zin had half off the wine list last time I was there during the week, great deal!!

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      After reading the board for a few days before a shopping trip to Cabezo with the s.o., we decided on ZIN. I had high hopes considering that our last meal in PS was at Las Consuelas - I think the taco shop around the corner from my house has more "authentic" Mexican...

      Unfortunately, it was quite a let down... The service was mediocre at best. It was towards the end of the night's service, so I'll give some leniency for tired servers, but this was definitely in the low-end of waiting tables for a very empty restaurant.
      For starters, she had the Mixed Field Greens - we do a salad like this at home, ZIN's version was best left in the kitchen: pecans were soft and chewy, apples lacked crunch and the vinaigrette was too sweet for the already sweet salad. I had the Lobster Chowder: good sized pieces of lobster, but little flavour in the meat or the soup.
      Main course for her was Atlantic Salmon with Shrimp and Spinach: not too bad, but nothing to take your breath away. I had the Short Ribs: the meat was good in this dish, but the sauce seemed like a BBQ sauce you'd buy in a bottle and the polenta was dry and flavorless.
      We also had wine by the glass (as I was driving back to the hotel), but getting a recommendation out our server was like asking a 2-year old what they want for lunch...

      Overall, not a big hit to the pocketbook, but certainly not worth the $$ spent...

      1. re: CampySD

        Oh man, too bad. Any other suggestions?

    2. The Hyatt Grand Champions is out in Indian Wells - a long ways from Palm Springs. I would suggest Blend in LQ.