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Jul 6, 2007 03:45 PM

Mendocino- recent reviews for vegetarians/seafood, Cafe B, Moose, Ravens, etc?

Could use some recent reviews! Have read mixed ones on TripAdvisor, but many are dated. Our Inn recommended for vegetarians, the Mendocino Cafe, Cafe Beaujolais,
Ravens, and 955 Ukiah. Went on to TripAdvisor, and found mixed reviews.

Wondering if anyone has eaten recently at *any* of these, as well as at the Moose Cafe or MacAllum House? We once in a blue moon do seafood, so if it is 'to die for'
somewhere in town, let us know! Otherwise, I'm wondering...should we do the restaurant at the Stanford Inn twice? Seems to be a vegetarians' dream place!

Only problem is: we're not staying there, despite having considered it.
So, not sure I want to go twice, since staying in town. Help?!
Celebrating a 40th on one night, so if you have a fave scenic place, too,
but w/delightful food, let us know. Thanks in advance! :-)

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  1. We have stayed at the MacCallum House several and try to have dinner there at least once. We prefer the Cafe. It is the glassed-in porch area. They dining room is pleasant too though. There are different menus for each. Check out the site to see the veggie dishes.

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    1. re: Gail

      Thanks so much! Good to know.
      Will check it out. :-)

    2. I love, love, love the Mendocino Cafe. We were there in February, but also last August and the August before that. Consistently good, fresh, organic food.

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      1. re: Enorah

        Is it primarily Thai or Mexican-influenced? Seemed that way
        from the menu. THanks!

        1. re: mtm

          It does have those elements, yes, but also other stuff as well. Pretty eclectic menu with a nice variety.

      2. BTW The Mendocino Bakery had some very nice looking vegan tamales last week.

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        1. re: Stan

          Sounds nice. I LOVE tamales, but hubby, not as much. :-\