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Jul 6, 2007 03:39 PM

Pismo Beach --> Monterey --> SF, recommendations?

Doing the coast of California for the first time. Any recommendations for these two legs of the journey? Lunches and then dinners in the destinations? Will be driving from PB to M in one day, and the next, M to SF. Thanks!

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  1. You could do Cambria or Big Sur for lunch but I would start off with a nice big lunch in Morro Bay at Taco Temple. Then head up the coast. Check out the Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas if you are into that (there should be tons) then dinner in Monterey.

    We ate at a really nice Italian Bistro just on the edge of downtown Monterey last trip but I forget the name. I will dig around and see if I can find it.

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      Was the italian bistro on Alvardo? If it is, it was probably Goomba's Italian Kitchen! Unfortunately, Goomba's was in the part of Alvarado which was burned in a fire in February. There is a great Italian rest. in Pacific Grove called Joe Rambi's!

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        It was La Giostra. Been a year or more so not sure if it is still good or even there.

        Here is an old CH link:

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          La giostra is still there, but the last time iwas there, I thought it had slipped badly.

          I always enjoy lunch at Ventana in Big Sur. It doesn't have quite the crowds of Nepenthe. It's very relaxed with a good view and good food. I had lunch there last week, and found it as enjoyable as ever.

      2. There have been a couple of recents threads!! I attached one with a lot of recs. Most places in the Big Sur area aren't really worth it! There is Rocky Point which has the best views and I go back because of that!

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          There's excellent food in Big Sur, if you know where to find it:

          Rocky Point's got the views, but not the food.

        2. In Capitola (just south of Santa Cruz) there is a great lunch joint called Gayle's Bakery.

          Big variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, hot dishes, and of course sweets. Don't let the line get to ya. It moves fast.

          1. I was at Nepenthe in Big Sur last weekend and had some delicious appetizers, not to mention a fantastic view to go with a late-afternoon glass of wine. In Monterey, head for Passionfish (actually in the town of Pacific Grove, just down the road). The food is terrific, the wines aren't much more than retail and they serve only sustainable seafood (and other tasty things, including an incredible chocolate+raspberry dessert). If you're traveling from Monterey to SF on Highway 1, stop at the Whale City Bakery, which is somewhere north of Santa Cruz, for great croissants, etc.

            1. For San Francisco reccos you will want to post a seperate query on the San Francisco board: