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Jul 6, 2007 03:28 PM

Houstons - Opinions please

What are your thoughts about this restaurant? (I've read mixed reviews.) Also, is dressy casual attire appropriate?


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  1. Yes, dressy casual is fine. It does a good job with a very limited menu. Fresh fish is quite nice, burgers are great, baby back ribs great, and entree salads good and quite filling. It is a nice night out, a little on the pricy side, usually service is good

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        My experiences with Houston's have been different than most people's - mine have all been awful. The few times I've been, I have never, ever had friendly service. I've had to send undercooked chicken back to the kitchen. And the wait times are way too long. Fortunately I'm in a town that has both Houston's and J. Alexander's (basically the same concept) and JA's wins hands down every time.

      2. I love their Thai Beef Salad. Delish! Enjoy!

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          It's my favorite chain.

          Grilled artichokes
          Fried chicken fingers
          All veggie side dishes (surprisingly)
          Fresh-squeezed citrus cccktails

        2. It's been years but do they still have the Pine Room salad? Used to be one of my favorites when I worked in Century City (CA).

          1. I think most if not all Houston's have a menu similar to Rutherford Grill in Napa, which I'm more familiar with. The same company also owns Bandera, which has similar items on their menu. The outstanding item for me is their prime rib sandwich (which all 3 seem sto have). They also do agood job with rotisseried chicken. Service has always been very good.

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              I don't think Houstons or Bandera had the ostrich steak or the overall quality of Rutherford Grill. Our Bandera isn't open for lunch, either - and it's too noisy to go there for a relaxing dinner.

              However, as far as chains go, they do have some very good dishes (like the chicken) - although Rutherford Grill's ostrich is still my favorite.

            2. Hi, I have a Houstons right down the road from my condo. I live in Aventura FL (Miami) and well here it is quite popular! The dishes are very good, at least down here one of the best or lets say a lot of ppl call it "THE best" spinach and artichoke dip is here. It is always always packed with ppl, they dont take reservations but everyone is more than happy to wait around the bar (which is also always packed) but you stand and its the see and be seen crowd in Aventura and NMiami Beach. I have had the Tuna steak several times, the 1st time it was pretty dry, so the next time I just ordered it more to the medium side than the well done. My hsuband has had the steaks and he is always happy with them. I had the Chicken and it was pretty tasty, just that I do not like legs and that is what they served me mostly. The soup of the day was the potato soup and it was wonderful. I hope this helps. BTW i do agree with the spinach dip, its as cheesy and tasty as can be!