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Jul 6, 2007 03:21 PM

Quick: Cake cooling...need frosting idea

I just baked a yellow box mix cake and I thought I had frosting in the cupboard...NOPE...not there.
Can I use Hershey chocolate syrup? Maybe make a poke or hole cake? Any quick ideas while the cake is cooling?!

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  1. Do you have confectioner's sugar, butter and vanilla? If you have time to get frosting ingredients before you need to take the cake somewhere you could go to the store. I don't think the syrup is thick enough, even if you poke holes in the cake, but you might be able to make more of a fudge out of it with powdered sugar. Hope that helps.

    1. Sweetened condensed milk and caramel sauce is nice... you'll have a dulce de leche cake! I poke holes in my cake with a chopstick first so it soaks in.

      Good luck!

      Drizzle some of that hershey's on it last if you're really in the mood for something sweet.

      1. Do you have powdered sugar in the house? fresh peaches? canned whip cream? All of those would make nice toppings for slices, not frosting, but will suffice in a pinch. If you want to make a substitute frosting, you could make a seven minute cooked frosting. I wouldn't go with Hershey's chocolate syrup myself. It's corn syrup based and will just flow off the sloped top of the cake, leaving a thin layer, not very attractive and messy to cut. If you have jam you could fill between the two layers with the jam and top with powdered sugar like a sponge cake.

        1. I have powdered sugar and butter. I am not making a trip to the store...I am in the midst of unpacking after a hectic move...PMSing...sorry guys....and just needed a quick sweet fix. I thought it would be nice to have a nice bite of sweetness and enough left for dessert tonight! I thought for sure I had canned frosting to match the cake but it isnt there. Sigh. I was just looking for a super quick fix...Thanks!

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            I was in your position last night with some cookie bars in the oven. Luckily I found a jar of refrigerated chocolate fondue that I melted and poured over the top. Yummmm! Perfect for the PMS blues.

            1. re: Melissavina

              I know hershey syrup is too thin and watery but I am looking at the can longingly just wishing it could be the topping...the yellow cake by itself is not sufficient. Sigh.

              If only to have been more prepared!

              1. re: ktcolt

                I'd just serve the cake "naked" and pour chocolate sauce on it - meaning, drizzled on it.

            2. re: ktcolt

              Cake ought to help then! :) I'm sure it will be great however you make it.

              1. re: Texchef

                You could try stiffening the Hershey's syrup with powdered sugar and seeing how that turns out. I've never done it before, but it might work.

              2. re: ktcolt

                Okay - cream together about 1/2 c of butter and a box of powdered sugar - add milk or coffee or kaluha one teaspoon at a time until the frosting is stiff but semi-spreadable - mix in a tablespoon or two of the chocolate syrup (start with one tablespoon and incorporate more until spreadable consistency). Use to frost the cooled cake (enough frosting, I think, for sides, filling, and top of two 9" rounds - lots of extra frosting if a 9X13 sheet cake - if the latter, then cut recipe in half - or, freeze leftover frosting and scoop out by the spoonful when having a really bad day).

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                    New topic: What to eat when you're having PMS.

                    1. re: Melissavina

                      Ice cream....but in the absence of....cake...plain as it may be!

                      1. re: ktcolt

                        Glad to help :) So how did it turn out?

                        It occurred to me in the middle of the night (was up doing a 3 AM feeding for some orphaned critters, and at that hour one's mind tends to wander) that after frosting the cake you could drizzle a bit more syrup over the top, if you wanted to, um, be over the top. Or you could sprinkle it with chocolate chips. Or syrup and chips, for that matter.