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Jul 6, 2007 03:18 PM

mitsuwa has green tea soft serve!

for those of you loyal fans of the (discontinued) green tea soft serve at feast from the east, i finally found another place that serves it: mitsuwa in venice! you have the option of topping it with a scoop of red bean and mochi.

it's not as good as feast from the east's version and it's also a bit expensive ($3.50 for just the soft serve) but it definitely feeds the need.

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  1. i was at mitsuwa earlier today but didn't know about the soft serve. which store serves it? will have to try it next time.

    1. Thanks, greengelato, for this news!
      Where are they serving the food court area?

      1. yup, it's in the new little bakery adjacent to the bookstore. it has a really strong matcha flavor and it thicker than most soft serves. it's like in between a soft serve and ice cream.

        i love all things green tea. yum.

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        1. re: greengelato

          Ooooh...this sounds great! " all things green tea." Me, three!

          1. re: liu

            Oh, man, you'd have loved the Green Tea and Honey ice cream at Scoops tonight. Best. Green Tea. Ice Cream. Ever. Tons of matcha mixed with creamy honey. Yeah, man! (Mashti Malone's has a green tea ice cream with strong matcha flavor, but it's on the sugary side, is pumped full of air, and has that rather unpleasant gummy texture from all the emulsifier they use.)

            Oh, sorry, you were saying about Mitsuwa...?

            1. re: Woolsey

              I love your passion and I can relate!

              1. re: liu

                Hey Liu, hope you're well... just a sidenote - flew JAL to/from Asia and they served up the requisite green tea onboard, but also had a maccha/matcha roll for dessert... it gets even better - they also serve a nonalcoholic yuzu cocktail juice that is an exclusive JAL product. I don't think it's up to snuff with Keizo-san's elixer but it was definitely something different...

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  Hello, bulavinaka! Surrounded by matcha and yuzu...sounds like you had a great trip!
                  The matcha dessert roll sounds divine! I always look for this type of dessert at Asian bakeries. They are both a feast for the eyes and not as sweet as they appear on the color palate.

                  So, was the yuzu cocktail juice called "Sky Time Yuzu?" Just coincidentally -- actually resulting from a Chowhound post that I am now unable to find -- I have been in email touch with the company and those responsible for trying to market this yuzu refresher into the U.S. As you know, I love Zo's version and in conversing with the Sky Time team it was impossible for me to keep my enthusiasm in check. So, they just sent me about a dozen little bottles of their yuzu refresher. They hope to introduce it into the Asian markets, and subsequently into Bristol Farms and Whole Foods.

                  I like it well chilled, and it is much lighter and more delicate than Zo's version. Zo's is dessert, while this new JAL citrus drink is a pleasant summer beverage that I might even partially freeze and take to the gym. But Zo's is the stuff of dreams...

                  I love that, matcha and yuzu, you thought of me! If you wish further information (an email contact) on the JAL yuzu drink, feel free to contact me via my email address at "My Chow."

                  1. re: liu

                    Geez - there's no stopping you when you're sniffing out something you're after.... That's the one - "Sky Time Yuzu," and you've described it perfectly. For you, when flying to Asia, I don't think there is any other option, right?

                    1. re: bulavinaka

                      Oh, bulavinaka, you've "got my number!" (I'm coyly blushing...)
                      You are right!

                      I am, however, still trying to see a nutrition label on this beverage; since it isn't in the States yet, the label is Japanese. I would like to see its contents and its calorie count. However, regarding its contents, I am trusting that if Whole Foods might carry it, it won't contain too many long words.

                      1. re: bulavinaka

                        bulavinaka --
                        I just heard from the Sky Time group about the contents of this beverage:

                        "There are 2 servings per bottle at 45 calories per serving and 11g of carbohydrates (all of which are from sugar). The ingredients are purified water, high fructose corn syrup, yuzu citron juice, crude magnesium choloride, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, enzymatically modified rutin, and vitamin C.

                        A version of Genki Yuzu is being served on JAL flights. We removed the added coloring for introduction to North America. The drink was originally designed to alleviate the stress of flying which is why it contains a special purified water (nigari) and rutin. Both ingredients are well known in Japan for their healthful properties. “Nigari” is purified and desalinated deepsea water and is quite popular in Japan. In fact, a well known Japanese cosmetics company has recently introduced a line of cosmetics made from nigari (Shu Uemura’s “Depsea Water” line). Rutin is derived from buckwheat and known as an antioxidant.

                        Again, thank you for your feedback and happy drinking!

                        Sky Time Yuzu/Genki Brand"

                        Truly, I was hoping for a lower calorie count and no HFCS. So, it's not a refresher for the gym! Perhaps I could have one instead of something at Amandine or Milk or Susina or Mashti or... just kidding!

                        1. re: liu

                          Just pretend you didn't see that four-letter word (HFCS) and enjoy it just the same - you have to admit that it's still a great refresher...

          2. Does the Little Tokyo Mitsuwa have it?

            1. That sounds amazing.. I love the matcha flavored froyo! Does anyone know if the Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa has this?