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Jul 6, 2007 03:17 PM

middle eastern market in glendale

I'm sure there are many, but I'm looking for a middle eastern market -- preferably iranian or armenian-iranian -- in glendale. specifically looking for basmati rice and cheap fresh herbs. any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. I think they tend to be more Lebanese/Armenian but probably have similar ingredients. Super King on San Fernando Road is great, as is Jon's on Colorado. There's a smaller market next to Shamshiri Restaurant at Central and Stocker that I think is more Persian.

    1. The huge Golden Farms Market on San Fernando between Sonora and Western has all sizes of sacks of basmati rice really cheap, and herbs galore. Cilantro, $1 for 6 or 8 bunches, 3 or 4 kinds of basil, mint, curly and flat parsley, thyme, lemongrass, oregano, multiple kinds of watercress, etc, etc. They have herbs I've never heard of that appear to be Persian favorites. It's Herbapalooza. The produce selection is huge, prices are amazing, and the season is peaking. 4 kinds of cucumbers, 4-5 varieties of eggplant, melons of every kind, fresh green and black figs, berries for half of TJs or supers prices. I buy bread and all my produce there weekly and have a hard time going over $20.

      1. How about Jon's?

        Jons Marketplace
        600 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205

        1. thanks all -- i love Jons as a rule (the tres leches cake at the one in van nuys in insane and there are about 500 types of vodka at the hollywood one), but how can i reject that endorsement for Golden Farms (and i've gotten a few suggestions for it from people at work too), so i'll be going there tonight after work. if they have fenugreek, they will certainly prove themselves worthy of the Herbapalooza title, and i will be a fan forever.

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            I haven't been to the other Jon's locations, but the one on Colorado does rock out with nine(!!) different feta cheese selections in the dairy case!

          2. you should also check out "sunland produce" on glenoaks, just south of sunland in sun valley. everything that you mention at very, very reasonable prices. imo, better than super foods on san fernando, but not as large.