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Jul 6, 2007 03:17 PM

Weekend in Montreal, dinner for 1 recs? [Moved from Canada board]

Hey all, I'm planning a long weekend to Montreal 2 months from now, never been there before, the only thing I do know about my visit is that I planned it for the Osheaga music festival.

Because I'm traveling solo, I've got the benefit of being able to go anywhere I want without worrying whether anyone else will like it, but then again I probably won't be going to any 5-star restaurants. I don't have any sort of price limit, but want to keep it somewhat casual.

I'll eat basically any type of food, but I imagine French is the specialty. I know there's a Chinatown area, but I live in New York City so no need to try anything there. Will take any general recs, grazie-

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  1. Dining, even in the starriest restos, tends to be casual. Also, almost any place will graciously give you a table as a solo diner (two possible exceptions: BYOs and trendy eateries on busy nights). Several eateries direct soloists to their bars, which surprisingly often are some of the best seats in the house. Au Pied de Cochon's bar is a window on the open kitchen. A seat at Brunoise's bar ensures you're never out of sight/mind. Ferreira's bar puts you at the front of the house. L'Express's bar is legendary. Leméac's is as cool and well-oiled as the rest of the resto. And so on.

    For specific reccos, read through the recent threads and check out the endless banquet listings (links follow). Keep an eye peeled for the small neighbourhood joints (Le Jolifou, Les trois petits bouchons, Bazaar Anise, Au cinquiéme péché and Bistro Bienville, etc.), bistros (Laloux, Au Petit Extra, Leméac, L'Express, Holder, Continental) and the ethnic cuisines the city does best (Portuguese, Greek, Middle Eastern, north African, Vietnamese).