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Jul 6, 2007 02:54 PM

What is your favorite BBQ in Miami-Dade?

Is there such a place? In the 10 years of living in the USA I cannot say I have had fantastic BBQ. I know traveling out of Miami would be best...but I'd like to hear what you all have to say about our local places. :-)

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  1. I really like The Pit, on SW 8th Street, past the edge of civilization on the way to the Miccosukee Casino and lots of Everglades after that. Before that, I had been going to Shorty's on US-1 my entire life in Miami, but I do think The Pit is better.

    1. Not a bbq joint but can't resist any bbq dishes @ river oyster bar.

      1. Whoa! The new Beach Bar B Que at 16th & Washington, puts all the others to shame.

        1. I like The Pit as well. It's not the best I've ever had, but you can't argue with those deep fried biscuits. I was unimpressed by Shivers. Have yet to try Shorty's.

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            shivers is the best, its slow as hell and far as hell but its the best. shortys is an institution but the foods 'eh', pit's not bad either.

          2. I've been curious about this topic as well. What about People's Bar-B-Q close by downtown and Koky's BBQ in Hialeah?

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              People's "comfort food" options are much better IMHO than their BBQ.

              I agree with 2top about Beach BBQ (16/Washington Ave) and often get the "whacked pork plate with piggy sauce on the side" (a house made vinegar jus that's just SO GOOD though they serve a 6pack of other sauces from hot to sweet on the side) and the onion rings and the mashed sweets are tops too!! 2Top and I both ditched hound's night at the Johnny V's Cuba-Q and dined happily ever after at Beach BBQ as I recall.

              A recent visit to the bar at the River Oyster yielded what seemed to be a diced grilled pork chop drenched in BBQ sauce in lieu of their legendary BBQ pork sammie. AdvisorBoy wept.

              Sorry TP... we will try the ribs next time mos'def.


              1. re: advisor_Girl

                Beach BBQ was a major surprise to was fantastic. I thought it was just another cheesy chain wanna be, but not at all. However, what's the deal with the bizarro Disney-esque decor. Those mannequins scare me! And The Pit is still number one in my opinion for authentic down n dirty bbq!

                1. re: LesleyEats

                  Beach BBQ is a cheesy chain wanna be :). This is their first location.

              2. re: mialebven

                Koky's in Hialeah is my favorite is SoFla, though I live close to Shorty's and visit often. Sonny's sliced pork is also pretty awesome, even if it is a chain.