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Jul 6, 2007 02:39 PM

Best alfresco dining in Seattle

Summer has finally arrived and the idea of eating outside is more appealing. Who has the best decks or patios with great food and drink? I want to expand my options beyond my usual haunts.

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  1. i don't know about best, but...Ponti's is an option

    1. I like eating out in the courtyard of Carmelita's. If down home is ok, it's fun sitting on the deck at Bick's.

      1. Here's an oddball for you: The patio behind Two Bells Tavern. Once the only place to eat there and not be shrouded in cigarette smoke. Meant burgers only in Summer. All better now.

        1. The deck at the Pink Door is sublime. They have a new chef so food has improved; thankfully the waitstaff still appear as if direct from a Lautrek painting.

          1. Maggie Bluff's.....casual, good food and drink, friendly service, and the kind of view that keeps us telling people from other cities “it rains every day here”.

            In Issaquah the Iris Grill in Gilman Village has a quiet deck away from the cars and good food/wine.

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              On the Eastside I had a tasty meal last night at Calcutta Grill at the Newcastle Golf Course. We ate on the outdoor patio and the view was outstanding.