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Jul 6, 2007 02:31 PM

Dim Sum on Sunday without a Huge Wait

We have several out of town guests who want to sample some terrific Dim Sum in the Monterey Park area on a Sunday, but without having to wait a huge amount of time in line. Does anyone know if any of the good dim sum places take reservations for at least a larger party (we'd be a party of 8)?

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  1. As far as I know no restaurants will take reservations for dim sum. Your best bet is to get to your destination earlyish, like 10:30 at the latest.

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      I've made reservations for both Mission 261 and Elite. Both sat us promptly. Elite had a nicer room, Mission 261 put us in a secondary room next to the bathroom. But I preferred the dim sum at Mission 261.

    2. I've been able to make reservations at Mission 261, although they're happier if there are six or more of you in the party. And, I've usually made the reservation at around 11am - they tend to get busier a little later than some of the other dim sum places around.

      1. I think most open at 10AM. Our last visit to Sea Harbour was on Memorial Day where we walked through the doors at about 10:05 to 10:10. Two empty tables remained - one of which we were promptly seated at. By 10:30, the line was at least 30 deep, and Sea Harbour is small by Dim Sum joint standards. As WBGuy says, go as early as you can, no matter where it is you decide to go.