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Jul 6, 2007 02:15 PM

Savory Grill, Blue Bell - New Owners???

Just drove by what was the savory grill on Skippack pike in blue bell today and noticed 2 large dumpsters outside. it looks like maybe the place has a new roof - anyone know what's up? Would love to seem something new and fabulous go in! :)

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  1. I hope I'm wrong, but somebody told me it's going to be offices. We sure could use another decent restaurant in Blue Bell.

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      I've been a lurker here for a while, but felt compelled to chime in now to make a point. The Savory Grill in Blue Bell was/is in no way affiliated with Southeastern PA's original Savory Grille, owned and operated near Macungie PA since 1997 by Chefs Shawn (CEC) and Dorothy Doyle.

      Since the opening of the Blue Bell restaurant, trademarks and copyrights have been registered for their name, (in both spellings,) and their logo.

      I have been employed by the Doyles for 6.5 years.



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        I drove by the old savory grill in Blue Bell today and they've changed the sign to say Japanese Korean and banquet... the sign is ugly - it's orange! but hopefully they'll get teh renovations done soon and open up! :)

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          If the food is good how the sign looks is irrelevant.

          Blue Bell really needs a good Asian restaurant that isn't overpriced and mediocre like Lai Lai.

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            so true! Hopefully it will be good. I didn't get a chance to catch the full name, maybe someone on the board knows.

      2. I drove by again today and I believe the sign said Asaka Japanese and Gula (Gola?) Korean... I meant to post it when I got home and completely forgot. ;-)

        I realized that the comment I made yesterday about the sign is because it is SO orange and is quite jarring on a road where most of the signs are subtle...

        Anyway, it will be intersting to go when they open.

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          It seems like a fair number of us live close to this new restaurant. Perhaps we should plan a Chowhound get together there once they open.

        2. Did anyone ever follow up on this?
          I pass by the place regularly and I suspect that it's basically for banquets and catering. But I'm not sure. It looks like 2 separate restaurants are in there: Asaka and Goya. I'm just curious if anyone knows any more.

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            I've read other posts about the place, I just can't find them this morning. one side is Korean bbq, the other is japanese. they do have a large banquet facility in there as well. I've heard that the food is ok, but not great. Haven't been myself.