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Jul 6, 2007 01:59 PM

Best chocolatiers in T.O.?

Who are they and where are they? I'm looking to to buy a small box.

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  1. Stubbe's chocolates on Dupont at Christie. Can't go wrong.

    1. SOMA in the distillery district. Beautiful and delicious!

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      1. re: rat under paper

        what style of chocolates are you looking for?
        another good chocolatier is JS Bonbons.

        1. re: bellywizard

          Not sure exactly what style. I'm looking to give a little gift.

      2. Simone Marie is the BEST in Toronto (read: authentic Belgian Chocolate, Marzipan, and Truffles). It is a tiny bit less expensive than Soma. And more importantly twice as delicious!

        Why is it the BEST? I am happy you asked... The chocolate is neither of the too sticky sweet variety (think all those poser truffle counters) nor of the bitter / too much cocoa gives you a headache type (this puts Soma in the Distillery District at rank #2 or #3). It is still VERY rich VERY chocolate and MOST delicious.

        Simone Marie
        126 Cumberland St.

        (Box of 6 for less than $9... and worth every penny)

        1. There is a pretty good list to be found in this recent thread that I started:

          In my search, I tried a bunch of places and would give my vote to JS Bon Bons for the best chocolates and best variety of chocolates, though SOMA has a wider variety of "chocolate stuff" and is very good.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations everyone.