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Jul 6, 2007 01:44 PM

stuffed artichokes, not just artichoke hearts

I just watched Giada on foodnetwork create these huge stuffed artichokes so now i have the craving...but don't want to actually cook. does anyone know of a restaurant in the city that serves a really great stuffed whole artichoke, but obviously not just dressed up jarred artichoke hearts, but the real deal?

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  1. Don Peppe in Ozone park Queens has ridiculously good stuffed artichokes. Call ahead to make sure they have them though because they only make them when they want. Great white clam sauce too.

    1. I love the stuffed artichokes at Benito II on Mulberry Street in Little Italy.

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        i just looked it up on and it sounds like exactly what i'm looking for! Thanks, i'm gonna check it out.

      2. If you can get to Dominic's on Aurthur Ave. Amazing!!