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Cold hors d'oeurves?

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I'm looking for suggestions for party food that can be served cold. Thanks!

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  1. Well cold veggies always work for me. Try whole green beans, lightly marinated, with a sweet vinegar and chili mix. Thin sliced raw sweet potato works as a great chip for a dip. Little bowls of cold soba noodles. Cheviche..cold veggie or fruit soups. Lettuce rollups, or better yet, cold vietnamese spring rolls

    1. Assorted cheeses with crackers
      Different salsas with corn & blue corn chips
      Dips & chips (of course)
      Shrimp boiled & served with cocktail or Louie sauce
      Crab claws, same as above
      Antipasto platter (marinated vegs, cheeses, sliced meats, olives, etc)
      Deviled eggs (I like a bit of bleu cheese added)
      Gourmet olive selection

      1. All of the above, plus:
        Hummus and chips/veggies
        Smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced cucumber and dill on crackers, or
        Smoked salmon and cream cheese blended into a dip
        Sliced fruits (or melon and prosciutto)
        Bruschetta can be served room temp, at least.

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          I'd forget the hummus, it has bee done to death. A cool and creamy baba ganoush with warm pita chips is much more interesting. All smoky and creamy.Lovely stuff.

        2. I just made the caprese toothpicks in the posting below and also found them to be a huge hit, as well as easy to make. Highly recommend!


          1. For somewhat more substantial fare, I like assorted roll-up slices. Think salad combinations you like, then convert the ingredients into filling for roll-ups. I use a dab of boursin or some kind of spread to help glue it shut, wrap in foil and chill overnight. Cobb Salad, Spinach Salad, Chicken Caesar, Chicken chutney with rice, thin roast beef with romaine, sun dried tomato, and boursin.... let your imagination guide you.

            1. I'm stuck in this cold soup shooter phase lately. I think Tyler Florence from Food Network did a pureed pea soup with a few crab shreds on top. Also, I could see pureed asparagus soup with an asparagus tip or two floating on top. Gazpacho. Guacamole blitzed into soup with a baby shrimp on top.

              The problem I'm seeing is how to serve. If you only have 10 or 15 people, you could surely round up enough shooter glasses, even if they didn't all match, and wash in between if you wanted to do a couple of different soups. But if you're doing a large number of guests, I can't think of anything other than awful little plastic cups. Maybe you can rent something appropriate.

              1. Poke (raw fish hawaiian style)
                Edamame (soybeans)
                viet summer rolls (not fried)
                mini sandwiches
                and always fruits/vegetables with a myriad of dips

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                  some type of tortilla rollup
                  Room temp quiche or little frittas
                  Country ham and biscuits...different yet easy and serve at room temp