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Jul 6, 2007 01:18 PM

Anyone know what to do with an alder-smoked salmon?

I am now the proud owner of an alder smoked wild Alaskan Salmon that came in a basket full of delicious items, none of which I need advice on how to consume - except the alder-smoked salmon.
I love smoked salmon but am used to the kind that is nova/lox, either from a deli or packaged and sold in the refrigerator of a market.
Any ideas?

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  1. This is the flacky smoked salmon, I assuming. I love this lunch or dinner menu and we have it often in the summer, very hot here.

    Salmon on bagel chips (I don't mix it with anything, some add mayo)
    Pate with cornichon or gerkins
    Raw mushroom salad with extra sharp Cheddar
    Red wine of your choice

    1. We smoke our own and eat it all year round so here's some of my favorites:

      Spinach salad with smoked salmon, slivered almonds, chopped eggs
      Smoked Salmon on crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly or capers
      Smoked Salmon pasta - combine with your favorite pasta, alfredo sauce and veggies


      1. Apparantly lots. I did a quick search for you. Here are some recipes.

        Hope that helps and let us know what you ended up with.

        1. Lots of good ideas below. I usually just eat with crackers or crumble over salad. Also good in scrambled eggs with onion for breakfast.

          1. Nova /lox/gravlaks and alder smoked salmon although they all come from the same fish are night and day. The others posters have wonderful advice. The taste is quite different. The alder smoked salmon and eggs in lisf's suggestion will not taste like lox,onions and eggs but will be wonderful in a new way for you.