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Jul 6, 2007 01:11 PM

Best Salads served

Now that summer is here (although the weather tells us something else), can you give me your input on where I can get a hearty salad. Been to Baton Rouge but am looking for somewhere else. If you fav. is at a fast food restaurant then I want to know about that too.
Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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  1. One thing that pops into my head is the "Village salad" at Terrasse Lafayette, a family-type BYOW Greek place. Probably cheaper than hearty salads at fast-food places (I imagine, never frequent them, having cheap options such as Terrasse Lafayette etc) and much better.

    The village salad is assorted vegetables; not the Greek salad with feta, hence you won't get any protein beyond what is in the veg. You can order a chicken souvlaki stick (without the pita) or some feta if you are counting carbs.

    A light meal salad I'm very fond of is the salade de chèvre chaud (served with crottins de chèvre on baguette croûtons, not the mild fresh cheese English-speaking people call "chevre"). Haven't found any outstanding ones here though. I'm sure someone on this board has!

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      One of the best salads I've had in a long time was at Benedicts on Monkland last night. It was the Summer Salad and it had avacado, chicken, grilled peppers, mushrooms, onion, cranberries, strawberries, lettuce, tomato and cucumber and I'm sure it had a few other things that I can't seem to recall, they also had a great salad on the table d'hote; grilled vegetables with a warm almond encrusted goat cheese. I wanted to post about the great service there as well.

    2. mesquite will give you a wonderful blackened salmon salad with an enormous piece of fish for $9.99 i believe. Monkland tavern also has decent salad.

      1. If you are able to make your way to the Centropolis in Laval, then Elixor has quite a few salad options - check out www.elixor.ca to see their menu. I've had a few of their salads & am looking forward to my next visit.

        1. Salade Lyonnaise at M sur Masson was a real thrill for me. Salade gourmande at Lemeac is also excellent and substantial.

          I actually eat the salade Nicoise from Alexandre 2-4 times per week. Sometimes it's amazing but once in a while it is crap--the variance is amazing. When its good, its really good. Asparagus, green beans, baby tomatoes, boiled potato and egg, canned tuna topped with anchovies (can't be a real Nicoise without them). And the bread is awesome. Does anybody know where Alexandre gets their baguette?

          1. underneath the paramount movie theater in the food court, a new place called crazy chop or something like that opened up - fantastic salads made before your eyes. had one yesterday, delicious and fresh!

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              Same business plan (but even better salad IMHO) can be found at Laitue & Go near the Renaud-Bray in Place-Ville Marie.


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                It's called Chop Crazy. I like their Cobb salad, but find in general, it's a bit pricey for what you're getting.