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Jul 6, 2007 01:06 PM

Business-ish dinner in Needham Area

Hi All -

My husband and some of his coworkers are trying to arrange a dinner for next week around the area of their office (which is on Gould St in Needham). Any good recommendations? I have no knowledge of that area (being more North Shore myself).

I don't think they're looking for a suit and tie kind of place but a dive is probably inappropriate as well. As I believe the folks are going to want to discuss stuff, noisy places are probably out too. All other good food recs welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If Indian works for you (them), Masala Art was pretty ok the last time I went, which, granted was about 6 mos. plus ago. Not Your Average Joe's is pretty average, and can get a bit loud.

    1. Sweet Basil's is great. However, I haven't been there since they expanded, so I don't know about the noise level.

      1. Sweet Basil is excellent in downtown area as suggested but may be a bit noisy depending on the day you go; also in downtown the Rice Barn has pretty good Thai and would be much quieter (I have tried their Pad See Ew and Garlic Shrimp and both were excellent); Not far from Gould Street would be The Biltmore Cafe in Newton, that would be another good option.

        1. Tartufo, in Newton Center, is very close and would be appropriate. If there are a lot of people, they probably could get the private room upstairs.

          Skipjacks, on Needham Street in Newton, is servicable, and has a very nice wine room that seats 12-14 people.

          1. I've never been, but Quince in Needham was profiled on Chronicle, and looks worth checking out: