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Jul 6, 2007 12:40 PM

cafeteria tropical JP

Now open, and I love it already.

On my first visit (breakfast) I had eggs, chicharones, sausage, maduros, and yuca. Plus a mango shake and a taste of the lobster ceviche that the owner offered (available for $12 a serving). Everything was great. Second visit (afternoon) featured ribs and fried chicken. Still great.

Third visit will follow extensive run this evening. Calorie balance, you know.

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      1. re: kitchenkate

        And what's the story with the new fish place around the corner? I hope they'll be frying up some stuff.

        And has anyone tried the fish market in Hyde Park? I'm pretty sure they cook stuff for you.

        1. re: Joanie

          Been wondering about Cafeteria I know to try it. Fried chicken? Great, just what I need, a nearby place to satisfy that guilty craving when it rears its head.

          I, too, was curious about the fish market around the corner from there. Is it open yet? Keep us posted, ye Jackson Square-ites.

          1. re: Joanie

            My child is going to drama camp about two blocks from the fish market in Hyde Park. During her camp stint there last year, we stopped at the fish market and got some whole trout, or maybe it was snapper. I do not recall seeing anything to indicate that they cooked the fish for you. The owner was very friendly and offered to stuff the fish for me, which he did with a generous helping of chopped onion, fresh thyme, and Country Crock margarine. They were wrapped and ready to go right into the oven. They were tasty and the service was very nice. Since HP is a little out of the way for us, we haven't been back, but today was the first day of camp for this summer and I drove by the place this am, I'll probably try it again sometime in the next two weeks. Has anyone else been there more recently?

          2. re: kitchenkate

            And how IS that fried chicken? Important to know :)

            1. re: twentyoystahs

              the HS fish market has a sign that says "coming soon." Unfortunately, i cannot comment yet on the fried chicken as the only fried chicken available on my visits has been chicharones de pollo--the deep fried little pieces--and they were on a par with Yely's.

        2. Cafeteria Tropical is definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood. I just splurged on a calorically-abundant breakfast and everything was rib-sticking and good.

          -A generous serving of scrambled eggs with bits of green pepper.

          -Heapin' helpin' of Mangu, the traditional Dominican breakfast favorite made of buttered and mashed green plantains, covered in long strips of onion.

          -Tasty empanadas de pollo, though the chicken filling could have been slightly more generous. They also had beef empanadas, though I didn't try any. The crust was flaky and not overly greasy. These were definitely homemade as evidenced by the uneven fork marks.

          -Yucca rellena - mashed yucca enveloping a ground meat filling, with a pleasant green olive flavor and not overly salty.

          The young woman serving me was patient and friendly as I inquired about everything in my "I haven't slept in two days" Spanish.

          Now I need a post-breakfast nap.