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Jul 6, 2007 12:19 PM

No More Copy and Paste?

I just noticed that I can no longer copy and paste text on CH. I am using IE 6.

In the past, I would go to a thread like this one:

Being interested in the suggested places, I would then click and highlight the relevant text (in this case, the address) and then Ctrl + C the highlighted text. I'd then open another browser window, go to a search engine (Google) and then Shift + Insert which would paste the text into the search field, which I could then search on (often looking for either a website or a map to the location).

Now I am unable to click on and highlight the desired text, which means that if I want to map the location of the most recent addition to the thread (Peacock Donuts) I have to go back and forth between two browser windows, as I type the relevant information into a search engine.

Has this option been intentionally removed? Or is this a bug? If the former, please bring back the option. If the latter, please fix.

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  1. I'm fairly sure Copy and Paste is managed by your browser, not the website. As long as you're not trying to copy and paste from an image, you should be able to copy and paste from almost any document or webpage.

    I just tried to copy and paste on that page, and it worked fine for me.

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    1. re: Chris VR

      What browser are you using?

      I'm able to copy/paste from other sites (,, etc.) but not from

      1. re: ElsieDee

        I'm on a Mac running Camino. I don't have IE installed but I tried it with Firefox and Safari and it worked with both. Maybe it's a Mac vs. PC thing?

        1. re: Chris VR

          Just tried with a different Mac, IE 5.2 (ancient, I know) and it works.

      2. re: Chris VR

        I'm using IE 6.0.2x, and just discovered the Copy and Paste is no longer working for me either. Worked yesterday and before that; doesn't today. Can't copy your post, Chris. But I can copy/paste from

        Storms bring down trees, knock parachuters off course
        A series of fast-moving thunderstorms surged across Massachusetts

        So I don't think it's browser-related - seems to be CH-related.

      3. ElsieDee, I'm having the same problem with the same browser.
        I can no longer highlight text to copy and paste. When I put the cursor on a post, click and drag, nothing happens.
        However, I can do it with this box as I am writing...just not with anything that has already been written and posted.

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        1. re: QueenB

          Yes, I can copy/paste while typing, but not once it's been posted.

          I'm wondering if this is another specifically IE 6 issue (similar to the slow-loading problems) - it's cropped up since the upgrade last Friday.

          1. re: ElsieDee

            Most likely, as I can copy/paste using Firefox at home, but not at work with IE 6.

        2. Just a few minutes ago, I ended up selecting all of the page that included Grandma's Orange cake recipe, pasting the whole thing on Word Perfect and then deleting all but the recipe.
          I think the recipe is going to be worth the effort.

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          1. re: shallots

            Yep, I can highlight and copy the whole page (thanks for noting that) but not specific sections of the text. Very unwieldly, though, when I'm just trying to snag an address (though that Orange Cake might well be worth it *grin*).

          2. Not that this helps IE users, but no issues on C&P with Firefox or Safari - just tried from both.

            1. OK - just weighing in (LOL) with my $.02 - IE 6 here and cannot copy and paste.