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Jul 6, 2007 12:11 PM

International Mall in Westmont, IL

Hello, I will be in the Chicago area next week and have been reading about the International Mall in the Oakbrook area. Has anybody been there? What kind of food is in there? What is it like? What food do you recommend? Thank you!

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  1. International Mall, just south of Oakbrook, is Asian. There's an Asian market, a food court with various asian cuisines, and a sit-down Chinese restaurant which, I'm told, has good Sunday Dim Sum.

    Go south from Oak Brook Center on Rt. 83, exit Ogden Ave, go west to the first stoplight, Pasquinelli Drive, right to the entrance to International Mall, and have fun.

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      Is this place any good? I found an article about it from doesn't seem that exciting, unless they've picked up the pace.

      How does it compare to Super H?

        1. re: goliano

          Super H is an Asian supermarket chain from the east coast. There is a location in Niles. Sometime this month another location is opening in Naperville at the corner of Ogden and Naperville Rd.

        2. re: MikeLM

          Thank you! Looking forward to it!