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Jul 6, 2007 12:07 PM

Zucchini pickles?

Lately I've been hearing about people taking their abundance of zucchini and turning them into bread and butter pickles? How do you do this? What's the end result like? Is it crisp like a pickle made from a cucumber? I love pickles and certainly have squash to experiment on. I just don't want to end up with soft pickles if the zucchini doesn't crisp up.


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  1. Funny, I just received a zucchini the size of a bowling pin and am considering what to do with it. It seems prohibitively large to be tender.

    I love to pickle but thus far have stuck with cauliflower and various kinds of cucumbers, all of which have turned out great with a minimum of effort.

    For zucchini, I would suggest a quick pickle that is consumed relatively soon after the brining and refrigeration.

    If you need a recipe, I got inspired to try by watching a "Good Eats" episode on pickles and then adapting Alton Brown's basic bread and butter recipe to my own tastes and spice cabinet.

    1. has some great easy recipes for pickled zucchini

      1. I recently saw a recipe from Zuni. Wasn't it here or on Chow?

        Here's a link

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          My dear wife made the Zuni recipe a few days ago. Absolutely terrific pickles. A reason for zucchini to grow in our garden, which is not otherwise readily apparent aside from the blossoms.

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            Here's the recipe. I'm going to try it with my next CSA delivery.


          2. Here is no-brainer pickle recipe for cukes and zukes and any vegetable