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Jul 6, 2007 12:00 PM

Toronto: Thai Express--am I missing something?

So at lunch today I noticed the insane line-up snaking behind the Thai Express (food court and King and Yonge) and mistakenly thought "hey, if the line up is this long the food's gotta be good." As you probably guessed, it was mediocre.

There was about a tablespoon of tofu in my pad thai, and my colleague had one lonely piece of broccoli in his pad see ew; both dishes were meekly spicy.

Was this an off day? Did we order the wrong thing? Yah, millions eat McDonald's "delights" everyday, but why would anyone wait in line 15+ minutes on their lunch hour for okay mall-bland Thai food?

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  1. Yes, their Pad Thai/sew are very bad. Fried rice, stirred fly, noodle soup are good at food court standard (none of these are thai), relatively better food in the cc, scotia, bmo, td food court in my opinion. These are the three which I usually ordered there.

    1. Same thing at the recently opened Scarborough Town Centre - long lines. Have tried a few dishes and it was mediocre. Unfortunately, mediocre is a huge improvement for the food court there....I can't see any reason to settle at King and Yonge! I still like the fact that it hasn't been sitting under a lamp and I can see them make it, but I definitely won't stand in a long line for it.

      1. In that food court there's not much else to choose from (although the Middle Eastern place is not bad--also crazy line ups) and at least it is fresh. I also think the line ups are so long because it takes a little longer than most and they get backed up. The line up at Wendy's would be 8 times as long if they weren't so crazy efficient.

        1. Actually it is worse than that... Toronto Thai is Totally Lacking...