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Jul 6, 2007 11:59 AM

Cheese shop in Great Barrington?

Wasn't sure if this or NE was the best place to ask, but someone told me about a great cheese shop that also served amazing grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch in Great Barrington, MA. I seem to recall the name Ruby's, but couldn't find anything when I googled it. Thanks!

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  1. Great Barrington is definitely on the New England board. There is a cheese shop on the main street with a cafe behind it - I can't remember the name, sorry. They have a small, very expensive, selection of good cheeses and some other gourmet food items. The cafe has a limited menu - it seems popular but I have not eaten there. Try posting again in NE - I'm afraid I'm not much help!

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      It's called Rubiner's. It's on Main Street past Railroad Street. Great cheese and other gourmet foods. Its restaurant behind the store does sanwiches and salads. .

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        Guido's is a Whole Food's like market that has an great cheese selection, along with an amazing meat market, prepared foods, produce and wine. I go there everytime I'm in the area.

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          Oops, just realized you were looking for a grilled cheese..... Sorry! But Guido's is really awesome.

    2. I posted this on your other board as well:

      The name of the place is "Rubiner's" on Main Street. However, if you want great paninis, salads, baguette sandwiches, as well as a fine cheese selection etc., I would recommend going to Bizallion's. It is just south of the main drag close to Guido's Market. It is worth the trip! The people there are great -- ask for Francois.

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        Great thanks! I have been to Guido's and it is awesome, but do they have a seating area? I'm supposed to coordinate a bunch of people meeting up...

        And Bizallion's sounds great too - will try to check it out!

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          There's no where to sit at Guido's. Bizallion is great - they have long tables that would work well for a group.

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            If you are buying cheese to take home, Locke, Stock, and Barrel has an amazing selection; also, Locke, the owner, has a fabulous number of interesting, boutique, hard to find wines.

      2. Rubi's. It is just behind the gourmet food shop on Main St. You can sit outside on a nice day and they have a large community table amidst the smaller ones inside.

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        1. i take everyone who visits great barrington to bizallion....
          not only is the food delicious,the ingredients fresh , the dishes consistent and aesthetically pleasing...
          the propieters are the nicest hosts ever...
          their olive oil is world renowned and sold in bulk....

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            I have gone to Bizallion's a couple of times and have found their European-style sandwiches to be good. But I am mystified at the repeated compliments about the ownership ("nicest hosts ever"), since they have been very aloof when I've been there. Nothing wrong with that, but I haven't had the generally positive warm experience apparently others have had.

            1. re: gb25

              I'm with you, gb. I go there regularly for my olive oil fillups, excellent quality Catalunya organic and at a fair price, but would definitely agree with "aloof" as the descriptor. As you say, it's okay, but doesn't tempt me for a meal, or more frequency. Perhaps, as is often the case, the warmth is reserved for regulars?

              1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                BerkshireTsarina, I am an olive oil addict (I'm Cuban and growing up my mother would make me "olive oil sandwiches"--olive oil slathered on Cuban bread with sliced onion and garlic--which I devoured; now, I put it on just about everything), but have never bought the oil at Bazillion. That's probably due to lack of knowledge about the varietals, and feeling comfortable with the regular store brands (for every day use, I love a Spanish brand named Sanso, which is very fruity). I need to expand my horizons and will try some of the Bazillion olive oils this summer.

                1. re: gb25

                  The one I like (as I said) is the Catalunya organic. It's intense. I just tried Columela, a Spanish oil recommended on Cook's Illustrated as the best supermarket extravirgin. It's good, not as intense as the one I buy at Bizallion, which is sometimes an advantage. Is Sanso a supermarket oil? Or do you get it at a specialty store? Like you, I'm open to trying the new.
                  If you like "olive oil sandwiches", have you tried pan amb tomaça? My Catalunyan friend showed me how to make it, favorite snack sandwich for Spanish kids coming home from school. You toast a thick-ish slice of country type bread (or sometimes I toast a Portuguese roll, split). Then rub a cut clove of garlic across it, then half a fresh ripe tomato (right now probably a plum tomato, since we won't get any better here for a while), smearing it so the pulp leaves its flavor and a little substance on the jaggedy toasty bread. Then drizzle some olive oil over it, add a little salt if you want. Delicious! Give it a try---

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                    It is hit and miss, but generally find it in Miami-area supermarkets (including Publix, the largest Florida chain). It is from a fairly new company based in Miami and is supposedly bottled at the source in Spain. I had never heard of it before my father gave me a bottle, but it has gotten good aclaim and is (according to its website) used by some of the leading chefs in South Florida. As far as a supermarket, non-artisanal type, it is my favorite. I will try the Catalunya you like. And the sandwhich you describe sounds delicious. It appears similar to the "pan con tomates" I recently tried at a Miami tapas bar. My wife and I both love tomatoes, so we'll try making one of those at home. Thanks for your recommendations.

          2. It's definitely Rubiner's, & Rubi's is the attached cafe. Have to disagree with many that Guido's is as good. It simply isn't, in my opinion. And everyone at Rubiner's KNOWS their cheese (and other gourmet items), which is not at all true at Guido's.
            Don't know much about Bazallions, as I only went there once and was less than impressed. I work with a native French woman ( and wonderful cook) who went down there and was very off by their manner and what they carried.

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            1. re: mjoyous

              Agree with Joyous about Guido's (at least in PIttsfield) re cheese, although I love 'em for just about everything else. Where we go is our local Nejaime's wine store in Lenox (on Main Street as it happens, there's another one on Route 7 toward Pittsfield and one in Stockbridge; all three carry cheese). It's not on the bargain block, but it's not Matt's prices at Rubiners either. I wouldn't argue that Matt's cheeses aren't worth it, they're usually wonderful, in perfect condition. We just can't afford 'em.
              Nejaime's brings them in somewhat under, usually in good condition, we find them knowledgeable, and of course the Nejaimes in our experience are big on pleasant service. They also have patés and crackers and olives and Marcona almonds and all kinds of exotic stuff. (Not to mention wine at fair prices!) Maybe they're not as well known to visitors from outside the area as they deserve to be.

              1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                Agree that Nejaimes has very good customer service and very reasonable wine prices, and highly recommend the store (at least the one I frequent in Stockbridge). I very much like Rubiner's--the whole concept of a cheesemonger in a great building right on mainstreet, and the cheeses are very good. So, I shop there off and on in order to support the store, but do agree with BerkshireTsarina that the prices give pause every time I do.

                1. re: gb25

                  I third the thought! I try to buy something ( a chocolate, some cheese on special) at Rubiner's 'cause I'm really glad they're there. I don't get to the GB Guido's as often as the Pittsfield one. Have always been pleased with Nejaimes.