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Jul 6, 2007 11:59 AM

seeking alternative to Surfas

Sorry but Surfas sucks anymore. They don't seem to have a grasp of their inventory. When you tell a clerk there are out if an item they act like it was news to them. The clerks used to be helpful but now they have a "dont give a s**t" attitude and don't even approach you if they see you wandering around the store looking for items. I'd say let the subway knock down the place!

Is there an alernative to Surfas in Los Angeles?

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  1. To answer your question directly - NO! There is nothing like Surfas with it's combination of kitchen equipment and tools plus high quality food items and now a good cafe to relax anywhere. I have experienced indifferent and good service but for the most part I just grab what I want, take it to a register and split after a snack at the cafe! I for one hope you don't get your wish that they fall to the heavy hand of eminent domain!!!

    1. As sel points out, Surfas has a lot going for it. What are you looking for? The food, the equipment or the snacks?

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        food, for example- hardly a unique item such as wonton wrappers or wonton skins. the clerk had no idea they were even out of stock and he was not nice about it either. Another friend of mine was previously in need of a paella pan - also not in stock along with extracts. These are not diamonds in the rough items! They are pretty standard fare that a place like Surfas claims to have...

      2. Although it's only a small fraction of the space and inventory of Surfas, Market Gourmet, 1800A Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, has a respectable selection of food items. It's a very small wedge-shaped store that is packed with mostly food items, cheeses, coldcuts, prepared foods, a small freezer and refrigerator section, as well as a few kitchen tools and gadgets. The store was started up by a lady who used to work at Surfas and was very disappointed with the service issues that you address, as well as the owner's as well. You might say that this "baby" of hers was a way of venting over her bad experiences at Surfas. Lauren, the owner, is very responsive to customers, the staff is always willing to help, and if they don't have the answer, they won't blow you off. In fact, they will try to find the answer for you, one way or another.

        Lauren is always on the hunt for new and exciting items. If you have any suggestions on items that the store may be missing, Lauren always has an open ear.

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          Thanks so much for this place.I jusst visted.. INCREDIBLE service - very nice woman and they directed me to where I can possibly find items they didn't have in stock. This place is just as fine as Surfas -- they just don't sell commercial cookware like restauraunt service size things. If looking for food and sick of being treated like second class at Surfas, then this was killer!

          Even the cafe staff at Surfas are miserable and never crack a smile. :-(

          1. re: Hungry Girl

            Glad you liked it... I think if Lauren could, she'd expand into a space two to three times as large, but she puts alot of heart and effort into the space she has to work with...

        2. The original comment has been removed