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Jul 6, 2007 11:29 AM

Cheap Eats in Venice (near Lincoln & Rose)...

Looking for some recommendations for cheap filling food in Venice, open late, after 9pm Monday nights near Lincoln and Rose, around the Oakwood recreational area of Venice. By cheap I mean $10-15 a person, as I will be dining with college students. How far are we willing to travel...a five minute ride is fine or anything on our way back to UCLA in Westwood. Also, plenty of parking is a must. We have done La Cabana, at corner of rose and Lincoln, in the past, hearty mexican food, good margaritas and close to site. We also tried C & O Trattoria off of Washingotn- large portions, parking was the pits. Looking for more options and some tasty recommendations. Thanks for your recommendations.

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  1. The Cock N Bull Pub on Lincoln does British pub grub. They are open until 2, but you'd have to check to see how late the kitchen is open.

    There is an Abbott Kinney Pizza on Pico (also one on Abbott Kinney -- ha ha) that's on your way back to UCLA.

    There is Gilbert's El Indio also on Pico on your way back to UCLA ... it's cash only.

    San Francisco Saloon, also on Pico on the way back to UCLA ... burgers and sandwiches.

    Swingers on Lincoln and Broadway is a late night coffee shop type of place with a smattering of "healthy" items ... just cruise up Lincoln to Swingers then east on Broadway (which will end up hitting Santa Monica) gets you right back to UCLA.

    1. Library Ale House on Main Street shouldn't run you more that $15/pp if you don't drink too much. Great seared ahi tuna burgers.
      I second Abbot Kinney Pizza. It's amazing. And it's cheap.
      Zankou Chicken just south of Santa Monica Blvd, just east of the 405.
      Nook on Santa Monica Blvd. might cost slightly more than $15, but they have a great burger.